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Critical Race & Ethnic Studies (Interdisciplinary Minor)


The Critical Race & Ethnic Studies Minor requires that students complete 15 credits.


Required (9 credits):

CRES 1000: Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
CRES 2000: Methodologies in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
CRES 4995: Capstone Seminar in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Electives (6 credits):

CRES 3000: Anti-Blackness around the Globe
CRES 3050: Comparative Racializations: Blackness, Indigeneity, Asianness, and Latinidad
CRES 3510: BIPOC Feminist Science & Technology Studies
CRES 3410: Racial Capitalism and Political Economy 

ENG 3475: African American Women’s Rhetorics
ENG 3640: Vernacular Literature
ENG 3650: Caribbean Literature
ENG 3560: American Ethnic Literatures
ENG 3760: Writing as Social Action
ENG 3420: Race and Environment

HIS 3375: Asian American History
HIS 3711: African American History to 1900
HIS 3712: African American History Since 1900

ART 1830: Racism in Film

MUS 1300: History of Jazz
MUS 1210: American Popular Music in the 20th/21st Century

PSY 2230: Psychology of the African American Experience

SOC 2450: Sociology of the Black Experience
SOC 2230: The Sociology of Latino/as in the U.S.
SOC 2350: Social Construction of Race in the Americas

THE 3245: Liberation Theologies
THE 4250: Race and Religion in the U.S.


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