Multicultural and Multiethnic Studies (Interdisciplinary Minor)

Students who wish to complete the 18-credit Multicultural and Multiethnic Studies minor must take the following required courses in addition to nine credits from courses relating to cultures and civilizations. Each course must represent a different region of the world. Fifteen credits must be outside of the student’s major field of study.

Degree Type
Area of Interest
Associated Colleges or Schools
Program Location
  • Queens Campus
Required Credit Hours


Required Courses
ANT 1010 Introduction to Anthropology: Cultural
ANT 1040C Culture and Global Change
SPE 1155 / ANT 1155 Language and Intercultural Communication

ANT 2760 South Asian Society
ASC 1230 Contemporary China
ASC 1250 Contemporary Japan
ASC 1300; 1310 Introduction to the Civilizations of Asia I; II
ASC 1480 Introduction to Chinese Thought
ASC 1490 Introduction to Japanese Thought
ASC 1790 / THE 2830 Introduction to Hinduism
ASC 1800 / THE 2840 Introduction to Buddhism
ASC 2210 Chinese Literature in Translation
ASC 2500 / HIS 2310 History of Asia
ASC 2510 / HIS 2312 History of Modern East Asia
ASC 2710 / GOV 3710 Governments and Politics of the Far East
ASC 2720 / GOV 3720 Governments and Politics of South and Southeast Asia
PHI 3590 Confucianism and Taoism

ANT 2450 African Cultures
ENG 3330 African-American Literature to 1900
HIS 2302 Contemporary Africa
FRE 3820 French Afro-Caribbean Literature
GOV 3680 Politics of Africa

Middle East
GOV 3820 Politics of the Middle East
THE 2850 Introduction to Islam
THE 3860 The Family in Islamic Life and Theology

Latin America and the Caribbean
ANT 2440 Caribbean Cultures and Identities
GOV 2690 Government and Politics of Latin America
GOV 2750 Politics of the Caribbean Area
GOV 2760 The Politics of Puerto Rico
HIS 2331; 2332 History of Latin America I; II
FRE 3820 French Afro-Caribbean Literature
SPA 3100 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature II
SPA 3560 Civilization of Spanish America
SPA 3700 The Spanish-American Novel
SPA 3730 Spanish-American Short Story
SPA 3740 Contemporary Spanish-American Poetry

GOV 2650 Government and Politics of Western Europe
GOV 2660 Government and Politics of Eastern Europe
FRE 3090; 3100 Masterpieces of French Literature I; II
FRE 3300 France’s Role within the European Community
FRE 3550; 3560 Civilization of France I; II
FRE 3600 Contemporary France
FRE 3630 17th-Century French Literature
FRE 3650 18th-Century French Literature
FRE 3670 19th-Century French Literature
FRE 3690 20th-Century French Literature
GER 3090; 3100 Masterpieces of German Literature I; II
GER 3550; 3560 Civilization of Germany I; II
HIS 3511; 3512 History of England I; II
HIS 3652 The History of Modern Russia
HIS 3653 The History of the Soviet Union and the Successor States
ITA 3090; 3100 Masterpieces of Italian Literature I; II
ITA 3550; 3560 Civilization of Italy I; II
RUS 3090; 3100 Masterpieces of Russian Literature I; II
SPA 3090 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature I
SPA 3550 Civilization of Spain
SPA 3610 Spanish Golden Age Literature I
SPA 3770 Literature of Spain from the Generation of 1898 to the Civil War
SPA 3780 Spanish Literature after the Civil War
ENG 3540 Irish Literature


For more information, contact the St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office in St. John Hall, room 145.

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