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Business Analytics Minor


As the era of generating enormous amounts of data continues to expand, the demand for individuals with analytical skills has increased significantly. In today’s data-driven world, business analytics are becoming indispensable tools in organizational decision-making. Considering the current interest in business analytics, where business decision modeling is in high demand by employers, the Department of Business Analytics and Information Systems is offering several courses in business analytics to improve your analytical abilities. The minor in business analytics provides a proper analytical foundation that can be used along with other business and nonbusiness disciplines in the era of big data.



  • BUA 2334 Modern Statistics II* or its equivalent

Select any three courses (9 credits) from the following:

  • BUA 3310 Data Visualization: Principles and Methods
  • BUA 3311 Fundamental of Machine Learning

  • BUA 3312 Sport Analytics: A Managerial Perspective 

  • BUA 3330 Introduction to Business Analytics 

  • BUA 3336 Big Data & Data Mining for Business 

  • BUA 3337 Predictive Analysis & Business Forecasting 

  • BUA 3338 Optimization and Simulation Methodology

  • BUA 3346 Optimization for Business Decision Making

  • BUA 3350 Business Research Methods

  • IS 3351 Object Learning Programing 

  • IS 3352 Database Management 

*Prerequisite: BUA 2333 or MATH 1210 or PSY 2030 or equivalent

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