Graphic of a game controller

Video Game Development Minor

Mass Communication


Through this modern curriculum, students will be exposed to the creative workflows and advanced technologies that work in the development of playable media. By pushing the boundaries of storytelling genres, crafting unique interactive experiences, and engaging audiences through play, students who embark on this production track become inventive media-makers and story crafters. In keeping with the Vincentian ethos of St. John’s, students will additionally explore the ethical considerations of gameplay development. When can simulated experiences promote healthy attitudes and empathy? Conversely, when do virtual scenarios enable inappropriate behaviors and maladaptive tendencies? Students will work to discover the potential impact in cultivating a socially responsible practice in game development. 


VGD 1001, 1002, 2600

9 credits chosen from DMD 1001, CUS 1100, VGD 2300, 2401,3202,  3203, 3301, SPM 1038 

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