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Networking Systems/ Business Administration, Bachelor of Science / Master of Business Administration

Computer Science, Mathematics and Science


Networking Systems at St. John's University is a professional curriculum built upon a liberal arts core.  The Networking Systems major, offered to both day and evening students, is designed to provide both a comprehensive education leading to such initial careers as telecommunications analyst, systems analyst, network manager and first-line supervisor and a solid preparation for further academic and professional study in networking, computer science and decision sciences.  

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Please see the requirement chart for the academic progression criteria in this dual degree program.

Students should apply for admission to the dual BS/MBA program during the second semester of their junior years, in consultation with their advisors and the respective undergraduate and graduate deans. Ideal candidates for the program demonstrate the ability to meet the same entrance requirements as for all Peter J. Tobin College of Business graduate programs:

  • an overall 3.25 average in their undergraduate courses
  • Candidates must seek approval from the Peter J. Tobin College of Business and the graduate admissions office for a transcript evaluation. Please note that all coursework and grades received, from all schools attended must be added to determine the final undergraduate GPA.


Common Core Requirements 42 credits
ART1000C*The Creative Process3
DNY1000CDiscover New York3
ENG 1000C English Composition3
ENG1100CLiterature in Global Context3
HIS1000CEmergence of a Global Society3
LAC 1000C*Language and Culture3
PHI1000C Philosophy of the Human Person3
PHI1020 seriesEthics3
SCI1000C                                               Scientific Inquiry3
SPE 1000C Public Speaking for the College Student3
THE 1000CPerspectives on Christianity- A Catholic Approach3
THE1040 seriesMoral Theology 3
THE3 additional credits in TheologyTheology3
* A second language (6 credits) may be substituted for these courses.   
Other Liberal Arts Requirements 21 credits
ECO1001Principles of Economics I3
ECO      1002Principles of Economics II3
MTH 1008Matrix Methods3
MTH 1009Calculus I3
MTH 1013Probability & Statistics I3
MTH 1014Probability & Statistics II3
SCI3 additional credits in Biology, Chemistry or PhysicsScience3
Major Area Requirements 36 credits
CUS1115Computer Programing Fundamentals I3
CUS1116Computer Programing Fundamentals II3
CSS1005Fundamentals of Cyber Security3
CSS1011Network Security3
CSS1012Network Perimeter Security3
NET1001Data Communications3
NET1011Networking Fundamentals  3
NET1015Routers and Router Concepts3
NET6 additional credits selected from: 6
 NET  1021Switching, Design Practice, and LAN Design  
 NET  1025WAN Technologies and WAN Design  
 NET  1031Wireless Networking  
 NET  1035Network Operating Systems  
 NET  1041Voice Over IP  
 NET  1051Networking Regulation  
 CSS 1015Wireless Security  
Courses taken in senior yearOffered by the Tobin College  
CIS644Systems Analysis3
CIS645Database Management3
Specialized Area Requirements 27 credits
 College of Professional Studies courses   
ACC1007Fundamentals of Accounting I3
ACC1008Fundamentals of Accounting II3
BLW1001Law and Business3
MGT1001Principles of Management I3
MGT1003Financial Management3
 Tobin College of Business courses   
ACC4352Financial Statement Analysis3
FIN507Managerial Finance3
MGT 3325Management of Operations3
MKT508Marketing Management3
Graduate Courses Completed During the Fifth Year of Study24 credits
Core Course:    
MGT502Organizational Behavior and Business Ethics3
Specialization:Four courses in any Tobin College of Business Major or Area: 12
 Computer Information Systems   
 Decision Science   
 Executive Management   
 International Business   
 Marketing Management   
International Elective:   
 3 credits selected from: 3
 ACC 645  International Financial Reporting   
 ACC 646  Analysis of Foreign Financial Statements  
 TAX 651Foreign Operations  
 ECO 605 International Trade and Investment  
 FIN 643International Corporate Finance  
 LAW 652  International Business Law and Negotiations  
 MGT 652  Seminar in International Management  
 MGT 654  Global Information Systems  
 MGT 659    International Business Policy  
 MKT 626  International Marketing  
 MKT 628  Comparative Marketing Systems and Research  
 MKT 701 Seminar in Current International Marketing Topics  
 MKT 702  International Marketing Seminar - Abroad  
Free Elective:    
 Any 600+ level graduate course in Tobin College of Business   
Capstone Course   
MGT700Seminar in Business Policy Formulation3