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Public Administration & Public Service, Bachelor of Arts

Government and Politics


The Department of Government and Politics prepares students for lifelong learning as outlined in the mission of the University Strategic Plan. Government and Politics students acquire critical thinking and analytical writing skills, and ethical understanding of diverse political issues. Students practice their skill in Academic Service-Learning and internships that foster public service and commitment to serve local, national and international community.

The Department’s course offerings reflect these important goals as the undergraduate curriculum offers a wide variety of courses divided into  the political science discipline’s four main subfields:

  • American Government, with an emphasis on political institutions and public law;
  • International Relations and Comparative Politics, with an emphasis on area studies;
  • Political Theory, with offerings in classical, modern, and contemporary thought; and
  • Public Administration, with an emphasis on human resources management and comparative politics.

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Department Conract

Fred P. Cocozzelli

Associate Professor and Chair, Government and Politics

[email protected]
St. John Hall Room 234A


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The major requires 36 credits, including the following:

  • GOV 1030
  • GOV 1530
  • GOV 3540
  • GOV 4995

You must also complete one elective in each of the following areas:

International Relations

  • GOV 1610
  • GOV 2640
  • GOV 3620
  • GOV 3670

Comparative Government

  • GOV 1700
  • GOV 2650
  • GOV 2660
  • GOV 2690
  • GOV 2730
  • GOV 2750
  • GOV 3680
  • GOV 3710
  • GOV 3720

Political Theory

  • GOV 1250
  • GOV 1260
  • GOV 1270

In addition, you must complete 15 elective hours from among Government & Politics course offerings, including:

  • GOV 2400
  • GOV 2420
  • GOV 2430
  • GOV 2470
  • GOV 2480
  • GOV 2500
  • GOV 2580
  • GOV 2955
  • GOV 3450
  • GOV 3460
  • GOV 3570
  • GOV 3590

You may take up to six credits in Public Administration fieldwork courses. Eligible seniors may also choose six elective hours from 100-level graduate courses.

Career Outcomes

St. John’s University is widely known for the success of its alumni. lists the University among its top 15 institutions in terms of graduates’ earning power. And a recent survey by The Wall Street Journal ranks St. John’s among 100 Top colleges and universities that are “most likely to help students land a job in key careers . . . that are growing, pay well and offer high levels of job satisfaction.”