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Teaching Literacy (B-6) and Teaching Children with Disabilities in Childhood Education, Master of Science in Education

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These 39-credit programs will provide Master’s Degree candidates with dual certification in Literacy Birth through Grade 6 and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Pre-K-12),  OR  dual certification in Literacy Grades 5 through Grade 12 and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (PreK-12). 

Each program will give teachers the opportunity to enrich their classroom pedagogy with specialization in Literacy instruction and instruction for the English Language Learner. With a growing number of English Language Learners in today’s classroom, these dual Master’s programs are a perfect fit.

This dual Master’s Program can enhance and diversify your employment options by making you eligible for:

  • Literacy Specialist
  • Diagnostician
  • Clinician
  • Resource Room Teacher
  • ESL Teacher
  • Dual Certification in Literacy and TESOL

Students will be endorsed for New York State Certification in both Literacy- Birth through Grade 6 and TESOL K-12 OR Literacy Grade 5 through 12 and TESOL K-12 upon completion of coursework, passing the comprehensive exams in each discipline and passing the Content Specialty Test in Literacy and TESOL. All TESOL students must have 12 credits in a language other than English which can be taken any time before graduation.

Please note that the full degree can be taken live on the Queen's campus or online.

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Please view the School of Education Graduate Admission Application Requirements for detailed admission information.

Additional Application Requirements:

  • Satisfactory Grade Point Average (3.0)
  • Official Transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended
  • Copy of Certification (If you presently possess New York State Initial or Professional Teaching Certification
  • 1 Letter of Recommendation


Download the program planning sheet (Word).

This Master’s degree can only be taken by students with initial NYS certification.

Dual Master's Degree

EDU 3200: Language Acquisition and Literacy Development for General Education and (ELLs) English Language Learners  K-12*

EDU 3210: Research & Practice of Teaching Writing in General Inclusion Education B-12   

EDU 3220: Approaches, Materials, and Performance Evaluation in Literacy Development K-12*

EDU 3264: Teaching Literacy through Literature B-6

EDU 3230: Diagnosis and Case Study Analysis of Literacy Performance* (25 hrs.)

EDU 3250:  Practicum and Seminar in Literacy Instruction B-6 * (pre-re. 3230) (25hrs)

EDU 3280: Digital Literacies and Learning

EDU 9707: Curriculum Adaptation and Modification Planning for Exceptional Children- Childhood

EDU 9711: Education & Accommodating Needs of Individuals with Exceptionalities K-12

EDU 9712: Educational Assessment of Individuals with Exceptionalities (Pre-Req. 9711)

EDU 9718: Curriculum & Instruction Design for Individuals: Math, Science, & Social Studies

EDU 9719: Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis & Positive Behavioral Support K-12

EDU 9702: Practicum in Special Education (150 hours)

Program Contact

Dr. E. Francine Guastello

Program Coordinator and Associate Professor

Sullivan Hall Room 418
[email protected]