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Italian American Studies (Interdisciplinary Minor)

Degree Type
Area of Interest
Associated Colleges or Schools
Program Location
  • Queens Campus
Required Credit Hours


Students in the Italian American Studies minor must complete 18 credits of the following applicable courses:

ART 1250 Italian Sketchbook
ART 1780 The Art of the Renaissance in Italy (Abroad)
ART 1785 Italian Renaissance Art and Literature
ART 1790 Survey of Art and Architecture in Italy (Abroad)
ART 1795 The City of Rome (Abroad)
ART 2250 Drawing and Design in Rome
ART 2929 Culture of Southern Italy (Abroad)
CLS 2600 Roman Law and Society
ENG 1076 Italian American Literature
ENG 3680 Comparative Immigrant Literature
HIS 2002 Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization
HIS 3540 Modern Italian History
ITA 3540 Southern Italy: A Cultural Journey
ITA 3710 / MUS 1075 Trends in Italian Opera
SOC 1230 Italian American Identity in the Cinema
SOC 2410 Race and Ethnicity in America

A maximum of six credits of Italian language courses at all levels are also applicable to this minor.


For more information, contact Dr. Florence Russo, [email protected].

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