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Management, Bachelor of Science

Gain knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, operations, consulting, leadership, organizational planning, and strategy in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.  Work closely with distinguished faculty dedicated to preparing you for successful careers.

The program provides its students with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage organizations effectively, efficiently, and responsibly. 

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  • Queens Campus
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Study Opportunities and Experiences

Students can focus their study in areas such as entrepreneurship, consulting and operations, managing human capital or general management.  Internships, consulting opportunities, global destination courses, and case studies are utilized to enhance the learning experiences.

Rewarding Excellence

The program rewards excellence through induction in the national management honors society Sigma Iota Epsilon, participation in the Executive-in-Residence program and participation in GLOBE micro-finance program.

Student Organizations

  • ΣΙΕ National Honors Management Organization
  • Association for Supply Chain Management-SJU Student Chapter

Department Contact

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about the Management Program.

John Angelidis

Department of Management, Entrepreneurship, Consulting and Operations


11.4 % growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for management analysts is predicted to grow by 11.4 percent over the current decade. 

More than 90% of SJU Management Majors are employed or go to graduate school within three months of graduation.

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Learning is about more than sitting in a classroom and taking notes. For business students at The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, it is about the practical application in our global economy.

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To earn their Bachelor of Science Degree in Management, students complete 120 credits, including core and major-sequence courses, as outlined below. Students have their choice of electives. 

  • PHI      1000C, 2220C, 3000C          
  • ECO     1301, 1302
  • ECO     Elective
  • DNY     1000C
  • HIS      1000C
  • Language/Culture      
  • SPE      1000C
  • ENG     1000C
  • ENG     1100C
  • English Elective
  • MTH     1320
  • SCI      1000C
  • THE     1000C
  • THE     2200 – 2800 (Choose 1)
  • THE     3305
  • ACC 2320
  • BUA 2334
  • FIN 3310
  • General Electives  (6 credit hours)
  • LAW 1310
  • MGT 2301
  • MGT 3325
  • MGT 4329
  • MKT 2301
  • RMI 1301
  • TECH ELEC* 3

Note: Business Core may vary if pursuing a  FastTrack program

Each student may choose one of the following tracks:

Management and Organization

  • Required Course
  • MGT 2331
  • Electives
  • Take any 5 management electives.


Required Courses

  • MGT 2331
  • MGT 3310
  • MGT 4311
  • ACC 2370

Elective Courses. Choose two from the following.

  • I.B. 4312
  • MGT 3346
  • MGT 3353
  • MGT 3322
  • MGT4321

Consulting & Operations

Required Courses

  • MGT 2331
  • MGT 3335
  • MGT 3330
  • MGT4326

Elective Courses. Choose two from the following.

  • MGT 3323
  • MGT 3344
  • MGT 4320
  • MGT 4324
  • MGT 3353
  • MGT 4321

Managing Human Capital

Required Courses

  • MGT 2331
  • MGT 3332
  • MGT 3339
  • MGT 4336

Elective Courses. Choose two from the following.

  • MGT 4333
  • MGT 4334
  • MGT 4335
  • MGT 4315
  • MGT 4321
  • MGT 3335

Fast-Track programs are cost-efficient and time-saving ways to provide students the opportunity to advance to a master’s degree from their B.S. in Management.  Students who

select a fast-track into an advanced degree must complete an online application and must meet the admission standards for that graduate program. Students should seek early program guidance from their adviser in anticipation of applying to a Fast-Track Program. Available Fast Track programs for Management major are:


For more information about admission to this and other acclaimed undergraduate programs at St. John’s University, please visit Undergraduate Admission online. Or contact us directly at the campus of your choice:

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