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Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Science

Hospitality Management offers students diverse learning experiences related to Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Tourism, Event Management.

Graduates of this program build rewarding careers as administrators and creative professionals in hotels; restaurants; resorts and country clubs; conference centers; event planning; retirement communities; banquet and catering facilities; retail and marketing; airlines; cruise lines; travel agencies; tour companies; tourist bureaus; travel journals; corporate travel departments; recreation; cultural heritage sites; and other areas.  Prepare for these opportunities through the Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Hospitality Management at St. John’s University. Offered through the Collins College of Professional Studies, the 120-credit program provides the knowledge, skills, and experience to succeed in this booming industry. Hospitality and tourism services are among today’s fastest-growing fields, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Experts in the UN World Tourism Organization predict that the industries account for 10% of global GDP and provides around one in 10 jobs worldwide. The demand will be especially great for well-educated managers. The program focuses on fundamental competencies that are vital for future managers. With the program’s extensive professional connections in the industry, students gain real-world experience through valuable internships throughout the New York metropolitan area and abroad. They also have the strong liberal arts and business courses to pursue graduate or law study.  There is also master’s degree in International Hospitality Management, open to all undergraduate majors, which can be started early by qualified students.

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Sport, Hospitality & Fashion
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Program Location
  • Queens Campus
Required Credit Hours


The Hospitality Management program has already been successful for many students. Some of our graduates from the class of 2021 and 2022 have already landed the following positions at Conrad Midtown: Group Desk Manager, Executive Meeting Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Event Manager, Front Desk Coordinator and HR Coordinator.

Students majoring in hospitality management are strongly encouraged to complete a 125-hour internship. An internship allows students to gain hands-on experience and become comfortable working in this fast-paced industry. St. John’s HMT students are afforded opportunities to work at some of the top hotels and entertainment venues in the New York City metropolitan area and beyond. A partial list of internship partners is provided below:

  • Walt Disney World Resort,Orlando
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Waldorf Astoria New York
  • St. James Club, Morgan Bay, St. Lucia
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Garden City Hotel
  • New York Athletic Club
  • Pink Monkey Events
  • US Open Tennis

International Internships

The hospitality management program at St. John’s University offers students the opportunity to study abroad for a semester, while earning 3–6 credits with an unpaid internship at a major hospitality site in Rome, Italy; Paris, France; or Limerick, Ireland. The international internships in hospitality management have been developed in order to provide practical experience in various aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry to further prepare hospitality management majors for their professional careers. It also provides students with a global perspective of the industry.

In addition, the Office of Global Studies works closely with HMT faculty members to offer meaningful study abroad experiences for HMT students. Through the University’s well-established study abroad program, students may find themselves studying cruise management aboard a cruise liner in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or learning about resort management at a major vacation destination.

Goals and outcomes/performance indicators

  1. Demonstrate the ability to think critically about business issues
    1. Students will be able to diagnose and categorize a problem 
    2. Students will be able to gather and analyze relevant data needed to address the problem 
    3. Students will be able to identify and evaluate competing solutions
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in information literacy about business issues.
    1. Students will be able to understand and apply fundamental concepts
    2. Students will be able to design a research objective appropriate to the assignment
    3. Students will be able to locate information from a variety of sources
  3. Demonstrate the ability to write skillfully about business issues
    1. Students will be able to address assignment appropriately
    2. Students will be able to write grammatically correct and well-presented material in standard business English
    3. Students will be able submit written assignments that are coherent, organized, and concise
  4. Demonstrate skill in oral presentation about business issues.
    1. Students will be able to use evidence and research appropriate to topic and organize the materials for presentation
    2. Students will be able to engage the audience, using language appropriate to audience and assignment
    3. Students will be able to use appropriate and effective supplementary materials
  5. Demonstrate the understanding of the foundations and importance of business ethics and social responsibility
    1. Students will be able to understand diversity issues in the workplace and society
    2. Students will be able to identify appropriate values in various business situations
    3. Students will be able to identify ethical behavior in a given business situations

Learn Hospitality and Tourism in NYC

  1. Diverse classes taught by scholarly professors and industry professionals

  2. Eligible HMT UG students will have the ability to start the fast-track program to secure their MS (5-year program)

  3. Close proximity to NYC, the largest hospitality employers in the world, and the most prominent travel destination

  4. Students can specialize in four professional tracks: Hotel, Foodservice, Event, Tourism

  5. Hands-on learning experience: Internships, service-learning, student clubs, research competition, etc.

Major Area Requirements: 36 Credits

Required Coursework: 21 Credits from the following courses:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
HMT1000Orientation of Hospitality Management3
HMT1003Food and Beverage Service3
HMT1005Travel and Tourism3
HMT1007Hospitality Law and Ethics3
HMT1009Capstone Hospitality Management3
HMT1030Hospitality Marketing3
MGT1003Financial Management3

Elective Coursework: 15 Credits from any HMT Elective

Business Area: 21 Credits:

 Required Coursework: 21 Credits from the following courses:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
ACC1007Fundamentals of Accounting I3
ACC1008Fundamentals of Accounting II3
BLW1001Law and Business3
CUS1102Software Applications3
ECO1001Principles of Economics I3
ECO1002Principles of Economics II3
MGT1001Principles of Management I3

Free Electives: 12 Credits

Other Liberal Arts Requirements: 9 Credits

3 Credits from the following course:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
ENG1006Effective Business Writing3

3 Credits from either or:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
MTH1003Introduction to College Mathematics I3
MTH1021Introduction to Statistics3

3 Credits from either or:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
PSY1001General Psychology3
SOC1001General Sociology3

Core Requirements: 42 Credits

36 Credits from the following courses:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
DNY1000CDiscover New York3
FYW1000CFirst Year Writing3
ENG1100CLiterature in a Global Context3
HIS1000CEmergence of a Global Society3
PHI1000CPhilosophy of the Human Person3
PHI1020 or 2200 seriesPhilosophy3








Scientific Inquiry








Public Speaking for the College Student








Perspectives on Christianity






1040 Series








 Any THE Elective




And: Modern Foreign Language/Cultural Studies: 6 Credits from:

6 Credits from any second language or:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits




The Creative Process








Language and Culture





Students majoring in other disciplines are able to complete a minor in either Event Management or Food Service Management by completing 18 credit hours in department-designated courses.

**This program also has a Pathways to MS International Hospitality Management. To get more information on our Pathways program, please visit our CCPS Pathways page or contact your academic advisor.

Digital Badge Options

In addition to our major in Hospitality Management, students interested in enhancing their skill set also have the option of earning Digital Badges in various fields. In order to obtain a badge, students must complete all required activities/classes for the badge they wish to be awarded. For a complete listing of those badges, please visit this link

Contact Hospitality Management Coordinator

Dr. Seunghyun "Brian" Park

Undergraduate Program Coordinator


St. Augustine Hall 2-014 (Queens)

Digital Storytelling

HMT Destinations and Culture Class motivates St. John's Students to memorialize their own story.

Featured Success Stories

Alicia Furnari ’23CCPS

Overcoming Obstacles: Alicia Furnari ’23CCPS is a Rising Star in Hospitality Management

Despite facing challenges posed by an autoimmune condition, Alicia Furnari ’23CCPS, a soon-to-be double alumna of St. John’s, found unwavering support from the University. This fostered her growth as a Hospitality Management undergraduate, and later, as a graduate student and rising star in the hospitality industry.

Alicia Furnari ’23CCPS The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies


“The professors genuinely care about us and go out of their way to prepare us for the future,” she said. “They use their network to help us discover opportunities that most students wouldn’t know about.”

STEPHANIE DEBES’17CCPS, St. John's Alumna, with two females

Empowering Beauty: Alumna Shines in Work with The Makeup on Wheels Foundation

When Stephanie Debes was born five months premature with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, doctors informed  her parents that she was expected to live less than a week. Twenty-nine years later, she is the force behind The Makeup on Wheels Foundation, a Staten Island, NY-based nonprofit that seeks to empower those with disabilities.

Stephanie Debes’17CCPS The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies


Ms. Debes is a New York State-licensed esthetician, a special-effects makeup artist, and a disabilities awareness advocate.

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