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Television and Film, Associate of Science

Mass Communication


The Associate Degree in Television and Film at St. John’s University offers students a thorough but rudimentary understanding of the theory, history, and practice of television and film craft and technique, and the business structures of the television and film industries.

The central goal of the Associate Degree in Television and Film is to prepare students either to enter the job market or to proceed to earning the Bachelors Degree in Television and Film.

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Core Requirements – 24 credits

DNY1000CDiscover New York 3
ENG1000CEnglish Composition 3
ENG1100CLiterature in a Global Context 3
HIS1000CEmergence of a Global Society 3
PHI1000CPhilosophy of the Human Person 3
PHI3000CMetaphysics 3
SCI   1000CScientific Inquiry 3
THE1000CTheology 3

Other Liberal Arts Requirements — 6 Credits

MTH Choose from 1001 or 10033
SPE1000CPublic Speaking3

Major Area Requirements – 21 credits

COM1001Intro to Mass Communication3
TVF1200Introduction to Production3

Production – 9 credits

TVF2200Television Production 13
TVF Choose from 2203 or 22043
TVF3220Film Production3

Writing, Industry Practices and History – 6 credits

TVF1400Audio Production 13
TVF1501Contemporary American Television 1: The Early Years3
TVF1502Contemporary American Television 23
TVF1503Special Television Studies3
TVF1504Film Rhetoric3
TVF1506Hollywood Films of the Studio Era3
TVF1507International Cinema3
TVF1508Contemporary Cinema3
TVF1509The Hollywood Musical3
TVF1510Special Cinema Studies3
TVF1511East Asian Cinema3
TVF2301Screenwriting: Television3
TVF2302Screenwriting: Documentary3
TVF2303Screenwriting: Narrative3
TVF2402The Business of Television3
TVF2403Broadcast Operations3
TVF3303Advanced Screenwriting3
TVF3404Producing Film and Television3
TVF3405Film and Television Production Management3
COM2403Management in Communications3
COM2500Visual Aesthetics3
COM3101-3102International Communications3

Free Electives – 9 credits