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Fashion Studies, Bachelor of Science

Administration and Economics


To hear “fashion” immediately creates exciting images in one’s mind – images of garments that transform the individuals that make and that wear them, colorful reflections of fascinating diverse world cultures, and celebrities from all walks of life working with designers, journalists, photographers, videographers. The business, marketing, blogging, and finance people who enable the fashion industry increasingly capture our attention and imagination.  The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Fashion Studies at St. John’s University prepares students to enter careers in the exciting global fashion industry.  Fashion today represents employment and opportunity to many people around the world.  The Fashion Studies major particularly examines the business and ethical aspects of this industry. The Collins College of Professional Studies is also the home of the Fashion Studies Institute of the University.  The institute supports the major by hosting special guests and programs in Fashion Business and related areas.  The College offers a minor program of study in Fashion too.  Students at St. John’s University are interested in Fashion Studies; many intern for New York designers and volunteer during the New York Fashion Weeks.  The University’s global campuses extend opportunities for students to intern in Italy, France or Spain.

The Fashion Industry offers students a view into great wealth and great poverty around the world.Fashion Studies majors will examine the what makes the Fashion industry work; they will look at its history, an overview of design, and business aspects and practices of the industry, including the entrepreneurial aspects, outsourcing and product supply chain management, branding, sustainability, fair trade, trendsetting, buying, and more.St. John’s is one of the largest Catholic universities in the world and will encourage students to apply St. John’s unique mission and Christian ethical perspective to their analysis of industry practices in research and seminar courses.  In this way, students will be able to lend their support to cutting edge global movements to generate greater social awareness and change to improve working conditions for those who support fashion globally.

This sophisticated program in Fashion Studies allows students to tailor part of their programs to their personal interests by adding courses they choose in art, public relations, advertising, media, journalism, chemistry, environmental studies, analytics, and so much more from the University’s hundreds of courses.

Fashion is a growing billion dollar industry.Students who graduate from the B.S. program in Fashion Studies will be well prepared to assume professional positions to contribute to the growth, performance and betterment of the Fashion world.

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Development Power Hour Presentation

Are you wondering how your Lifestyle and Fashion have shifted since the Pandemic, link into our Development Power Hour Presentation!

Dr. A. Andrea Licari, Director of The Fashion Institute and Professor Nicole Mussenden, both teach in The Collins College of Professional Studies, discuss changes in consumer behavior due to the pandemic. Many of the consumer market shifts were already underway before the pandemic started. The pandemic acted as an accelerator to the “Perceived Trends” that we all observe globally. For more information on our Fashion Studies degree, which is based on the Fashion Business which is founded on the concepts of, Sustainability, Ethics, Fair Trade and Global Markets, click here and see what the St. John’s University can offer you!   

Department Contact

Department Faculty

Please see the list of our department faculty

Almerinda Forte, Ph.D. is the Chair of the Administration and Economics Division, home of the Fashion Studies Program.  She is also Professor of Accounting and Management.  Dr. Forte’s fashion expertise is in accounting and in leadership, ethics and sustainability aspects of the industry

Professor Joyce Boland-Devito, J.D., is Professor of Business Law, Media Law, and Fashion Law.  Professor Boland-DeVito holds an LL.M. in Intellectual Property, in addition to her JD and MBA degrees.  She has completed specialized professional training in Fashion Law at Fordham Law School.  She teaches Fashion Law in the program and also at the St. John’s University School of Law.

Professor Carmine Gibaldi, Ed.D., is Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship (ENT) and the co-Director of the University’s ENT Program.  Professor Gibaldi teaches the Fashion Entrepreneurship and E-Technology course.  He also teaches ENT courses at St. John’s and at Harvard University.

Professor Susan Glanz, Ph.D., is Professor of Economics and teaches Economics and Finance.  She teaches Economic Issues in Fashion and has researched and presented at conferences around the world.

Professor A. Andrea Licari, D.P.S, is Professor of Marketing and Fashion.  She teaches courses in Fashion Marketing, Introduction to the Fashion Industry, Fashion Branding, and more, and has worked in the Fashion industry.  She has taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology as well.  Professor Licari is the Director of the University’s Fashion Studies Institute.

Professor Catherine Ruggieri, J.D., is Professor of Management, Marketing and Fashion Management.  Professor Ruggieri is Dean Emeritus of the College of Professional Studies.  She holds an MBA from St. John’s and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School.  She teaches the Management Aspects of the Fashion Industry and Global Fashion Management courses.


Major Area Requirements: 36 Credits

Required Coursework: 18 Credits

FAS1055Legal Aspects of the Fashion Industry3
FAS1056Fashion and Ethics3
FAS1065Current Issues in Fashion3
FAS1070Management Aspects of the Fashion Industry3
FAS1075Introduction to the Fashion Industry and Careers3
FAS1076Fashion Entrepreneurship and e-Technology3

Major Area Elective Coursework: 18 Credits

FAS1015Introduction to Fashion/Lifestyle Branding3
FAS1079Leadership and Management in the Fashion Industry3
FAS1080Global Fashion Management3
FAS1081The Fashion Design Process3
FAS1082Fashion in Film3

Leadership/Marketing and Organizational Skills: 18 Credits

Required Coursework: 12 Credits

ACC1007Fundamentals of Accounting I3
BLW1001Law and Business3
MGT1001Principles of Management I3
MGT1001Principles of Marketing3

Elective Coursework: 6 Credits chosen from:

BLW1005Topics of Business Law3
BLW1015Legal Environment of the Workplace3
MGT1003Financial Management3
MGT1006Small Business Management3
MGT1021Cultural Environment of Human Resources3
MKT1002Fundamentals of Advertising and Sales Promotion3
MKT1003 3
MKT1020International Distribution: Marketing Strategies3

Other Liberal Arts Requirements: 9 Credits

Required Coursework: 6 Credits from:

ENG1007 to 1073; not 1040English3
MTH1002Introduction to Statistics3

And 3 additional credits in Social Sciences chosen from either:

ECO1001Principles of Economics I3
ECO1002Principles of Economics II3

Core Requirements: 42 Credits

DNY1000CDiscover New York3
FYW1000CEnglish Composition3
ENG1100CLiterature in a Global Context3
HIS1000CEmergence of a Global Society3
PHI1000CPhilosophy of the Human Person3
PHI1020 or 2200 SeriesPhilosophy3
SCI1000CScientific Inquiry3
SPE1000CPublic Speaking for the College Student3
THE1000CPerspectives on Christianity3
THE1040 SeriesTheology3
THE Any THE Elective3

And: Modern Foreign Language/Cultural Studies: 6 Credits from:

ART1000CThe Creative Process3
LAC1000CLanguage and Culture3

Free Electives: 15 Credits

Additional Information

Students majoring in Fashion Studies at St. John's benefit from faculty and alumni with extensive contacts in New York City's fashion industry. This alumni network provides outstanding internship and job placement opportunities, helping to prepare students for professional positions as fashion industry executives, professionals supporting fashion design processes or in many related business areas.

Students also gain an academic and professional edge by joining any of St. John's more than 180 student clubs and organizations. Clubs that may be of special interest to Fashion Studies majors include the Queens Campus fashion club, The Red House; the Staten Island Campus Fashion Club, Club Couture, and more, including:

  • Advertising Society
  • Communications Club
  • Management Club
  • Marketing Club
  • Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture
  • Communication Arts Film Society
  • St. John's University Television Club (WRED)
  •  WSJU-Radio
  • The Torch

Fashion Studies majors also may apply to a variety of honor societies, including The Collins College of Professional Studies Honor Society, whose Members are recognized for academic excellence and demonstrable involvement in their churches and communities, and the St. John’s University President’s Society.

Of course, students also benefit from outstanding University-wide facilities and resources for which St. John's is widely known.

Facilities include labs in the Collins College of Professional Studies complex at Queens in St. Augustine Hall; high-tech classrooms, up-to-date computer and science laboratories and a 1.7 million-volume University Library whose resources are available to students at both campuses. Our D'Angelo Center is a five-story, 127,000-square-foot University and Student Center with classrooms, lecture halls, a Starbucks Café.

Students take advantage of St. John’s location in dynamic New York City and in the St. John’s global campuses. Our faculty and Career Center have strong ties to employers and other professional and educational resources throughout the New York area. Students also make New York their classroom through innovative courses like Discover New York.

Career Outcomes

The B.S. in Fashion Studies prepares majors to regard the Fashion Industry as an exciting and rewarding industry to work within, for individual personal satisfaction and to help positively influence the lives of many who work in fashion globally.

The program will prepare students to:

  • Examine how the Fashion Industry operates and analyze how different talented professionals work together to support collections, shows, weeks, setting trends that affect customers tastes, preferences and purchases
  • Develop expertise in varied aspects of fashion, retail, on line, acquisition of talent, fashion law, accounting, finance and more
  • Research and be able to discuss the history of fashion, in the United States and western Europe
  • Understand the latest important trends in fashion today, inclusion of fashion designers in many countries outside of the US and western Europe;  Diversity, at home and globally; the intersection of entertainment with fashion;
  • Be aware of how and why fashion needs to be more ethical and responsible; the ethical obligations and social requirements that now impact fashion, including sustainability, fair trade, better conditions for workers at home and globally, and more.

Graduates will also be prepared for further study in law and fashion business fields.

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