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Francophone Studies Minor

Languages and Literatures


This minor will prepare students for the demands of a highly competitive international marketplace by building their global competencies and appreciation of different French-speaking cultures across five continents. Several courses that apply to this minor are offered in English.

Completion of a minor in Francophone Studies requires 18 credits chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor.


Students will complete six credits of French language instruction at any level, as well as 12 credits from among the following: 

FRE 3901 Francophone Literature
FRE 3902 Women Writers in France
FRE 3920 Human Rights in Francophone Africa
FRE 3921 History of French Cinema
FRE 3930 Paris in the French Culture
FRE 3905 Science and Technology in French Culture and Literature
FRE 3923 Urban France
LAC 1000 French Language and Culture

Only academic programs approved by NYSED are eligible for federal and state aid: NYS Inventory of Registered Programs  Minors are not recognized by NYSED therefore associated courses are only eligible for federal or state aid consideration when required by a major or when also used to satisfy a core or general elective requirement.

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