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TESOL, Advanced Certificate

The Advanced Certificate in TESOL Program subsumes creativity and critical pedagogy and provides the holder of it with a powerful array of advanced approaches for a variety of positions.

The Advanced Certificate in TESOL Program subsumes creativity and critical pedagogy and provides the holder of it with a powerful array of advanced approaches for a variety of positions. This 15-credit coursework will provide candidates with the theory, multicultural perspectives, and practical background to work in ENL classroom settings. The five course sequence will allow the initially certified teacher to obtain the knowledge and skill of: (1) the theories of second language acquisition; (2) the multicultural viewpoints of education; (3) the social, psychological, and psycho-linguistic aspects of bilingualism; (4) the methods of teaching English language arts to English learners and ; and (5) methods of teaching content area instruction and assessment protocols to English learners. All courses are offered online.

In order to earn the certificate, students must complete the 15-graduate education courses within the program, pass the New York State Content Specialty Test (CST) in TESOL and possess 12-credits in another language. Any missing language credits can be fulfilled while enrolled in the program or through CLEP.

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Adv Cert
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  • Queens Campus
  • Manhattan Campus
  • Online
Required Credit Hours

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  • A master's degree
  • Official transcripts showing a B (3.0 GPA) or better average
  • New York State initial teacher certification or eligibility for teaching certification.  Entry into the TESOL program is open to those students who hold initial certification in early childhood, elementary or childhood, middle childhood, secondary or adolescent education, literacy or special education.  Students who do not hold initial certification should apply to the joint M.S.Ed. program in Childhood Education and TESOL.
  • International students are not required to hold initial certification
  • Proficiency in English.  Students who have foreign academic credentials must demonstrate proficiency in English at the start of the program by passing oral language, and written reading and writing proficiency tests in English administered by the University's ESL Department.  Students who do not demonstrate adequate English language proficiency will be required to take ESL course work to bring their English language proficiency up to the required level, as recommended by the ESL Director.  Such coursework will not be used to meet a program prerequisite and will not count towards meeting the credits required for the TESOL degree.
  • Completed application
  • Application Fee
  • Essay

Students currently enrolled at St. John’s University as undergraduate seniors or graduate students should meet with their advisor to determine how to qualify for the Advanced Certificate in TESOL.

Students not currently enrolled at St. John’s University can request an application and information about the program at each of our four campuses.

Student Resources


  • EDU 9002: Psychology and Sociology of Language and Bilingualism
  • EDU 9003: Literacy Development for First and Second Language Learners
  • EDU 9004: Content Area Instruction for Linguistically/Culturally Diverse Learners
  • EDU 9010: Linguistics for Teachers of English Language (ELL) and Exceptional Learners
  • EDU 9012: Methods of Language and Academic Assessment for English Language and Exceptional Learners

Career Options

Completers are eligible to become teachers of English as a Second Language in all New York State schools. Opportunities include teaching in a general education classroom while servicing ENL students, working in a self -contained ENL class or a pull-out model, teaching in a dual language classroom, or working as an ENL coordinator or curriculum specialist.

Online Learning

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Pursue your St. John’s degree entirely on your computer. Our fully accredited Online Learning programs allow you to take courses electronically. Log in at your convenience to enter our virtual classrooms, learn from our accomplished faculty, and engage with classmates.

Our online courses offer the same high academic quality that students experience on campus. Professors deliver lectures and post assignments via Blackboard, our electronic course management system. Students use it to attend virtual classes, share documents, take exams, and exchange ideas with faculty and classmates.

A Fully Academic Experience
You also enjoy the outstanding services available to all St. John’s students, for example:

  • Eligibility for scholarships and financial aid
  • Tuition and fees identical to those for on-campus courses
  • Access to library collections, career services, mentoring, and other academic resources.

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