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Russian Minor

Languages and Literatures


Привет – Privet! Russian is the sixth most spoken language in the world and is an important language for such diverse fields as business, journalism, science, technology, mathematics, literature, music, ballet, cinema, and theater. Russian is considered a strategic language by the United States government, which provides scholarships for studying the language and employment for those fluent in the language. 

The Russian minor requires students to complete 18 credits of the following, chosen under departmental supervision.

Courses Offered

RUS 1010 Russian, Level I
RUS 1020 Russian Level II
RUS 2030 Russian, Level III
RUS 2040C Intermediate Russian Conversation
RUS 3090; 3100 Masterpieces of Russian Literature I and II
RUS 3110; 3120 Advanced Russian Conversation
RUS 3230 Dostoevsky

Only academic programs approved by NYSED are eligible for federal and state aid: NYS Inventory of Registered Programs http://www.nysed.gov/heds/IRPSL1.html.  Minors are not recognized by NYSED therefore associated courses are only eligible for federal or state aid consideration when required by a major or when also used to satisfy a core or general elective requirement.


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