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The University Libraries’ are open for current St. John’s students, faculty, administrators and staff. 

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Caroline Fuchs, University Librarian and Dean

A Warm Welcome to Our Students from the University Librarian and Dean of Libraries

Welcome students! On behalf of the University Libraries, I wish you a successful academic year that leads you to a whole new world of possibilities.

As the fall 2022 semester begins, I ask you to join with me in a celebration of new beginnings that honor our diverse voices, unique perspectives, shared experiences and willingness to learn together.  

The University Libraries is here to support your research needs in an open and inclusive environment, to empower you to discover and build upon the voices of the past to create new knowledge that will transform the future through emergent research and scholarship. We hope to create a place of welcoming spirit that gives to all a sense of belonging whenever they enter our physical and virtual spaces, use our collections and reach out for our services.

We are humbled to be your partners on this journey to academic excellence.

Caroline Fuchs 
University Librarian and Dean of Libraries 

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St. John’s University Libraries’ Community Norms

St. John’s University Libraries fosters the open exchange of ideas and inquiry in a respectful environment free of harassment. Harassment may include comments, gestures, facial expressions, or imagery that demeans people based on language, religion, ethnicity, gender, physical or mental disability, physical appearance, or sexual preference. Those using library spaces, services and resources will treat other library users and employees with consideration and respect. We will respect the rights of others, and practice self-discipline. We will help protect the library collections and spaces while holding ourselves and each other accountable for keeping these norms. Together we can create a library environment that is welcoming, caring and affirming. Adopted by the St. John’s University Libraries Faculty Council on November 2, 2021.

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