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Art History, Bachelor of Arts

Art and Design


Prepare for a career in the visual arts at St. John’s University, a NASAD accredited Institution, in New York City – a global art center. 

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With a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Art History from St. John’s University, you can prepare for careers in museums, art galleries, artists’ foundations, and auction houses with real-world training in New York City. New York boasts more than 100 museums in the metropolitan area – what better place to launch a career in the visual arts?

A degree in art history will also open doors for you in a variety of careers outside of the arts. Art historians are expert researchers, writers and collaborators, skills employers in every industry sector seek.

Through the program, you develop an appreciation of and ability to analyze and write about art from aesthetic, historical, socio-cultural and political perspectives, engaging visual, verbal and critical thinking skills. You will be able to discuss and analyze historical through contemporary theories for the interpretation of art including ethical, philosophical, and theological debates related to visual art’s collection, presentation, and interpretation. You also engage in long-term research projects that involve interdisciplinary study of original objects, primary source materials, and historical contexts, allowing you to demonstrate problem-solving skills using archival, scholarly, forensic, digital, and technological research methods.

As an Art History major, you may be eligible to pursue a pathway to the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Museum Administration


Elizabeth DeLuna
Professor and Chair
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    The B.A. in Art History consists of 45 credits distributed among the following requirements. To declare an Art History major, make an appointment with your Dean in St. John Hall, Room 145.

    • ART 1710 History of Art I
    • ART 1720 History of Art II
    • ART 1750 Writing About Art
    • ART 1760 Art History: Method and Theory


      You will select from among the undergraduate studio offerings in consultation with a faculty advisor.

        In consultation with an advisor, you will complete two courses in a foreign language.

          In consultation with an advisor, you will select six courses from among the undergraduate art history offerings. Three of the six courses must be non-Western.

          Western Art Courses

          • ART 1740 Modern Architecture
          • ART 1775 Art and Architecture in France (Study Abroad)
          • ART 1780 Art of the Renaissance in Italy (Study Abroad)
          • ART 1785 Italian Renaissance Art & Literature (Study Abroad)
          • ART 1790 Survey of Art & Architecture in Italy (Study Abroad)
          • ART 1795 The City of Rome (Study Abroad)
          • ART 1801 Art of Film I
          • ART 1820 Art of Film II
          • ART 1830 Racism in Film
          • ART 1840 Sexism in Cinema and Television
          • ART 2025 Renaissance and Baroque Art & Architecture
          • ART 2145 History of Visual Communication
          • ART 2205 Medieval Art & Architecture
          • ART 2715 Classical Archeology
          • ART 2740 Rococo to Revolution
          • ART 2750 History of Modernism
          • ART 2755 Contemporary Art & Culture, 1945-Present

          Non-Western Art Courses

          • ART 2705 Egypt and Mesopotamian Art
          • ART 2730 Pre-Columbian Art
          • ART 2735 Art of Asia and the Pacific
          • ART 2745 Arts of Africa
          • ART 2760 Latin American Art
          • ART 2765 Islamic Art & Architecture

          Additional elective courses may substitute with approval of the program director.


            Choose one advanced seminar from among the following:

            • ART 3100 Women in the Arts
            • ART 3710 Contemporary Photography
            • ART 3720 Global Contemporary Art
            • ART 4000 Special Topics in Art History

            Choose one research seminar from among the following:

            • ART 4010 Supervised Research
            • ART 4020 Research Seminar in Art History
            • ART 4953 Independent Study

            Career Outcomes

            New York City is a global art center. With a B.A. in Art History from St. John’s University, you will be poised for careers in art museums, art galleries, artists’ foundations, and auction houses. Such positions are numerous in the NYC metropolitan area, with over 100 museums alone.

            You will also find opportunities in a variety of careers outside of the arts. Art historians are expert researchers, writers and collaborators, skills that are in high demand in every industry sector.

            At the national level, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms expansion of the Art History employment sector: from 2016 to 2026 employment for archivists, curators, and museum workers is projected to grow 13 percent, which is faster than the average for all occupations.