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Cyber Security Systems / Accounting, Bachelor of Science / Master of Science

Computer Science, Mathematics and Science


Please see the requirement chart for the academic progression criteria in this dual degree program.

Students should apply for admission to the dual BS/MBA program during the second semester of their junior years, in consultation with their advisors and the respective undergraduate and graduate deans. Ideal candidates for the program demonstrate the ability to meet the same entrance requirements as for all Peter J. Tobin College of Business graduate programs:

  • an overall 3.25 average in their undergraduate courses
  • Candidates must seek approval from the Peter J. Tobin College of Business and the graduate admissions office for a transcript evaluation. Please note that all coursework and grades received, from all schools attended must be added to determine the final undergraduate GPA.

Any interested applicants should contact their St. John's academic adviser or Dr. Erald Troja, [email protected], Program Director for more info.

To learn more about our program, please visit our Cyber Security Center for Excellence page.