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Academic Service-Learning

The Office of Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) is available to serve you as we prepare to serve our communities virtually.  Please visit our virtual AS-L opportunities on GivePulse.  We look forward to working with all of you and wish you a happy, healthy semester.

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Academic Service-Learning Faculty Award 2020


Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) at St. John’s University is a classroom/ experiential site-based program that involves students in some form of required community service that benefits the common (public) good and uses service as a means of understanding course concepts. The service activity meets course objectives, and through reflection students examine issues pertaining to social justice and responsibility.

Areas of Service

  • Hunger/Homelessness
  • Healthcare
  • Education/Youth Services
  • Civic Engagement
  • Special Projects

Five Validating Factors of Academic Service-Learning

  1. Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) must be part of an academic course, with a designated number of service hours and specific learning objectives
  2. It must serve a real and existing need identified by the community agency
  3. It must be for course credit only; no financial reward for service
  4. There must be a reciprocal relationship – service reinforces learning and  learning strengthens service; benefits for both SJU students and the community site
  5. Academic Service-Learning must have a reflective component

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Office of Academic Service-Learning
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Fall 2020-Spring 2021

The calendar of AS-L programs for faculty is coming soon.