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Administrative Studies, Bachelor of Science

Health and Human Services


Through St. John’s University’s Bachelor of Science in Administrative Studies, you gain the knowledge, skills, and credentials for success in this fast-growing field. Convenient and flexible, this program draws on St. John’s success in educating top business leaders.

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Undergraduate admission is based on many factors, including previous academic performance, satisfactory achievement on standardized tests, personal recommendations, and other indications of an applicant's interests, motivation, and potential.

For more information about admission to this and other acclaimed undergraduate programs at St. John’s University, please visit Undergraduate Admission online. Or contact us directly at the campus of your choice:

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The Program

Students are prepared to direct, manage, and coordinate a wide range of business and financial services in today’s technology-oriented workplace. They gain a solid foundation in problem solving, critical thinking, interpersonal communication skills, information technology, project management, and human resources in the business world.


The interdisciplinary, 120-credit curriculum includes courses in human relations, technology, business, and a liberal arts core, providing broad knowledge of our world as well as a solid grounding in analytical and communication skills.

Career Outcomes

The program in administrative studies prepares students for entry level positions in the world of business, with special emphasis on the development of critical thinking, analytic problem-solving, interpersonal communication skills, and the technical acumen necessary to perform in today’s high-performance workplace.

Students also gain these advantages:

  • Understanding the nature of business
  • Grasping administration and its role in business
  • Mastering the principles of human resource management and their application to the workplace
  • Working effectively with people individually and in groups/teams
  • Demonstrating knowledge of the dynamics of diversity and multiculturalism in the workplace
  • Acquiring the skills to use technology in the current and future workplace
  • Demonstrating effective communication skills.
  • Demonstrating the ability to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Data Mining and Analysis

Graduates of the administrative studies program have found employment in firms and companies such as:

  • Hewlett-Packard
  • 3M
  • US Airways
  • New Jersey Board of Education
  • US Department of Commerce
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • U.S. Bureau of the Census
  • NYC Department of Health
  • National Center for Educational Statistics

Administrative Studies Contact

Collins College of Professional Studies

Randolph Ortiz, Ed.D.

Program Coordinator

Randolph Ortiz, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean
Associate Professor
Program Coordinator: Administrative Studies
Military Science Liaison

[email protected]
(718) 990 2521