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College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Dedicated to her Classmates, College, and Future Profession, Physician Assistant Student Earns Scholarship

Meet Allison Luntz

Pharmacy Program Leads Alumni Couple to Rewarding Careers and Wedding Bells

Meet the Fieberts

Welcome to the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

"I would like to recognize alumni and friends of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences who stand at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the country faces great uncertainty, I commend you for your strength, perseverance, and commitment to your profession. Thanks for your efforts to help tackle this pressing health challenge and move us forward toward a brighter future. Be well and take care."
- Russell DiGate, Ph.D., Dean, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

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College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Home to scholars and scientists who are unified by one intrepid goal—to improve the quality of life for people globally. Thanks to a rigorous program that stresses experiential learning, our students seamlessly transition into rewarding careers.

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About the College

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences equips students with the education, training and support they need to meet the present and future demands professionals encounter as pharmacists, physician assistants, clinical laboratory scientists, toxicologists and radiologic technologists.


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Learn from faculty with deep real-world experience, commitment to scientific excellence, and a reputation for distinction in their fields. A bright future is yours with faculty that teaches to the present and the future of health care.