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Clinical Psychology, Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at St. John’s consists of four years of full-time coursework and related practicum experience, followed by a one-year clinical internship (or equivalent) in an approved setting and completion of a doctoral dissertation.

Earn a Ph.D. from a top-ranked Clinical Psychology program at St. John's University in New York City! The Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at St. John’s consists of four years of full-time coursework and related practicum experience, followed by a one-year clinical internship (or equivalent) in an approved setting and completion of a doctoral dissertation.

The program is fully Accredited by the American Psychological Association.

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  • Queens Campus
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The program prepares broadly trained, competent psychological professionals in various psychodiagnostic and intervention procedures as well as in research skills. Students learn to understand and interpret the research of others and design and execute their own research. The program prepares students to function in the many diverse professional, academic, and research roles clinical psychologists perform. It does so by offering a broad exposure to the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of general psychology while also providing extensive training in strategies and techniques of assessment, intervention, consultation, and the latest research strategies using the newest statistical analyses and programs.

The program follows the scientist/practitioner model of training involving a logical progression of coursework and fieldwork experiences toward the development of research and clinical competencies. In addition, the program abides by the profession's ethical principles, shows respect for individual rights and dignity, displays a commitment to service to its community, and demonstrates through its teaching and clinical training an appreciation of the importance of cultural diversity.

The Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology offers two major areas of study: Adult, a specialty area focusing on education and training with adult clinical populations, and Child and Adolescent, which offers advanced training in child, adolescent, and family psychology. At the point of application to the program, students elect one of two major areas of study within the Clinical Psychology program in which they can pursue more concentrated training opportunities: (1) Adult or (2) Child and Adolescent.

Federal Regulations require all higher education institutions offering an academic program designed to meet the educational requirements for a professional license or certification or advertised as such, to provide potential students with information about whether completion of that program would meet the educational requirements for licensure/certification in the state of the student’s location upon enrollment.

This program prepares students for licensure/certification in New York State. Students who plan to work in a state other than NY, must visit our Professional Licensure Disclosure Information page where we have indicated if this program meets or does not meet the educational requirements for specific states.

Department Faculty

Please see a list of our Psychology faculty.

Clinical faculty members include Elissa BrownAndrea BergmanElizabeth BrondoloWilliam ChaplinBeverly GreeneRafael JavierWilson McDermutJeffrey NevidTamara Del Vecchio and Raymond DiGiuseppe.

Department Contact

Ray DiGiuseppe, Ph.D., ABPP

Director, Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology, Professor of Psychology

Career Outcomes

The Ph.D program in Clinical Psychology at St. John’s University prepares students for professional careers in clinical psychology. Embodying the commitment to service to the economically and socially disadvantaged that is a key feature of the University’s Vincentian mission, the program prepares students to become working psychologists and researchers in community facilities and university and public service settings. Students in the program develop competencies in psychological assessment and diagnostic evaluation, psychological methods of treatment, research methods and design, methods of data analysis, and advancement of knowledge in the field, as well as sensitivity to the importance of issues of diversity in providing psychological services in a diverse society.

Professional licensure and certification requirements often vary from state to state. St. John’s University has not determined requirements for individual states beyond New York. If you reside or plan to reside outside New York you are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate state licensing agency in that state to seek information and guidance before beginning the program.


Admissions to the Ph.D. program are for the Fall semester only. In addition to the entrance requirements listed, one or more interviews by the departmental admissions committee may be requested. Students accepted for admission with any course deficiencies must remove those deficiencies prior to matriculation in the program. Such deficiencies may be completed during the summer preceding matriculation by enrolling in appropriate undergraduate or 100-level courses. All doctoral students are required to maintain full-time status for the duration of the program.

Please note: Prior to beginning required supervised clinical hours at the University clinic and external clinical placement sites, students will be required to undergo and successfully pass a Criminal Background Check, at a cost of approximately $100. For more information, please consult the current Graduate Bulletin.


Applicants who are asked to interview will be invited to visit campus in February or March. 

A Final Word

Applying to a doctoral program requires a serious, thoughtful decision. We welcome your interest in the Clinical Psychology program.

For more information or to apply, please contact:

Graduate Admission Information

Office of Graduate Admission
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
[email protected]

Tuition and Financial Aid

Costs for tuition and fees are listed online and in the Graduate Bulletin. Academic and financial advisement is available in the department and through the Office of Student Financial Services.

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