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Classics and Ancient Studies

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Salve! The Classics and Ancient Studies minors offer students the tools to understand and appreciate the ancient world. These minors study the culture, language, politics, philosophy, and religion of antiquity.

The Classics minor requires the completion of 18 credits, including six credits of Latin above LAT 1020, six credits of Ancient Greek, and six credits in related courses chosen under departmental advisement. The Ancient Studies minor does not require any knowledge of Latin or Greek, but rather 18 credits of courses dealing with Greek and Roman antiquity selected in consultation with an advisor.


(Language courses)

GRA 1010; 1020 Elementary Ancient Greek
LAT 1010; 1020 Elementary Latin
LAT 2030; 2040 Intermediate Latin
LAT 2050 Selections from Medieval Latin
LAT 2060 Ecclesiastical Latin
HBB 1010; 1020 Elementary Biblical Hebrew

(General Courses)

CLS 1210/ENG 3620 Classical Mythology
CLS 1240 Women in the Ancient World
CLS 1250/GOV 1250 Western Political Thought I: Classical and Medieval
CLS 1260 Ancient Greek and Roman Historians
CLS 1320/LIN 1320 Roots of English Vocabulary
CLS 1770/ART 1770 Classical Archaeology
CLS 2001/HIS 2001 Early Ancient Civilizations
CLS 2002/HIS 2002 Ancient Greek and Roman Civilizations
CLS 2150/LIN 2150 Introduction to Romance Linguistics
CLS 2600/GOV 2600 Roman Law and Society
CLS 3100/PHI 3500 History of Ancient Philosophy
CLS 3130/ THE 3130 The Bible and Archaeology
CLS 3200/SPE 3130 Foundations of Rhetorical Theory
CLS 3500/ENG 3500 Classical Literature
CLS 3600/ENG 3600 Classical Epic in Translation
CLS 3610/ENG 3610 Classical Drama in Translation

(Study Abroad)

CLS/ART 1775 Greek Archaeology On-Site
CLS/ART 1790 Survey of Art and Architecture in Italy
CLS/ART 1795 The City of Rome

Only academic programs approved by NYSED are eligible for federal and state aid: NYS Inventory of Registered Programs  Minors are not recognized by NYSED therefore associated courses are only eligible for federal or state aid consideration when required by a major or when also used to satisfy a core or general elective requirement.

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