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Television and Film, Bachelor of Science

Mass Communication


St. John’s University, with its history of excellence in television and film education, offers students a thorough understanding of the art and craft of all areas of film and digital video productions, as well as a comprehensive grasp of the business structures and practices of the television-film industry.

Regional employment projections indicate a steady labor market demand for television and film production-related occupations. Secondary sources indicate that the labor market for television and film production-related occupations can be competitive. Rising above the competition, and gaining access to this industry, is what the Bachelor of Science degree program in Television-Film at St. John's University will help you accomplish.

The B.S. degree program in Television and Film offers a far-reaching course selection - over 50 different Television-Film courses - in writing, production, post-production, animation, special effects, sound design, performance, theory, critical studies, and the business of television-film.

Along with its extensive course offerings, the Television-Film program presents a wide array of dynamic industry internships in New York City, the media capital of the world.

The Television-Film program boasts three division-supported, co-curricular student clubs (television, radio, film), allowing for even more extra-curricular hands-on experience.

The program draws on the guidance and insight provided by the Television-Film Advisory Council, composed of successful professionals in a broad range of television and film careers.

All of these, along with our various media facilities, helps our acclaimed faculty of professionals and experienced scholars to provide our students with an extraordinary Television-Film education.

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For more information about admission to this and other acclaimed undergraduate programs at St. John’s University, please visit Undergraduate Admission online. Or contact us directly at the campus of your choice:

Admission Office - Queens Campus
[email protected]


Required Courses

Digital Cinematography, Production Courses, Post-production Courses, Senior Project

Required Coursework: 21 Credits from the following courses:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
COM1001Introduction to Mass Communications3
COM2500Visual Aesthetics3
TVF1200Introduction to Production    3
TVF2205Digital Cinematography3
TVF4601Senior Project3
TVF4602Senior Project II3

And 3 Credits from one of the following:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
TVF2201Editing: Adobe Premiere3
TVF2203Editing: Final Cut3
TVF2204Editing: Avid3

Production Series: 15 Credits chosen from the following courses:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
TVF1230Audio Production I3
TVF2200Television Production I3
TVF2201Editing Adobe Premier3
TVF2202Television Performance3
TVF2203Editing: Final Cut3
TVF2204Editing: Avid3
TVF2207Introduction to Motion Picture Graphics and Animation3
TVF2210Animation 2-D3
TVF2211Animation 3-D3
TVF2230Sound: Production and Post3
TVF3200Television Production II3
TVF3203Documentary Production3
TVF3204Television Field Production3
TVF3205Narrative Production3
TVF3206Advertising Commercial Production3
TVF3207Compositing and Processing3
TVF3208 3
TVF3220Film Production3
TVF4200Television Production III3
TVF4205Directing Film and Television3

Writing Series: 6 Credits chosen from:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
TVF2301Screenwriting: Television3
TVF2302Screenwriting: Documentary3
TVF2303Screenwriting: Narrative3
TVF3303Advanced Screenwriting3
COM2303 3
JOU2312News Reporting and Writing for Television and Radio3

Major Area Electives: 12 Credits chosen from the following courses:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
COM2401New Media3
COM2403Management in Communications3
COM3101International Communications: Europe3
COM3102Radio Production Workshop3
COM3103International Communication and Global Development3
DRM1200Introduction to Production3
TVF1400Motion Picture Industry Practices I3
TVF1501Contemporary American Television I3
TVF1502Contemporary American Television II3
TVF1503Special Television Studies3
TVF1504Film Rhetoric3
TVF1506Hollywood Films of the Studio Era3
TVF1507International Cinema3
TVF1508Contemporary Cinema3
TVF1509The Hollywood Musical3
TVF1510Special Cinema Studies3
TVF1511East Asian Cinema3
TVF1512American Film of the Independent Era: 1960-19903
TVF2402The Business of Television3
TVF2403Broadcast Operations3
TVF2510Production Design and Art Direction3
TVF3404Producing Film and Television3
TVF3405Film and Television Production Management3
TVF3505 3
TVF4701*Television Club Practicum1
TVF4702*Television Club Practicum2
TVF4703*Television Club Practicum3
TVF4707*Television Practicum3
TVF5001*Television Internship3
TVF5002*Film Internship3

*With Director’s Permission

6 Credits chosen from the following courses:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
ACC1007Fundamentals of Accounting I3
ADV2100Introduction to Advertising Communication3
BLW1001Law and Business3
BLW1005Topics of Business Law3
BLW1020International Business Law3
ECO1001Principles of Economics I3
ECO1002Principles of Economics II3
ENG1006Effective Business Writing3
LES1100An Introduction to Legal Studies3
MGT1001Principles of Management I3
MGT1006Small Business Management3
MGT1014Introduction to International Business3
MKT1001Principles of Marketing3

Free Electives: 12 Credits

3 Credits from the following courses:

MTHAny MTH Elective3

And 3 Credits in Social Science Elective, chosen from any:

PSCPolitical Science3


36 Credits from the following courses:

CourseCourse #TitleCredits
DNY1000CDiscover New York3
FYW1000CFirst Year Writing3
ENG1100CLiterature in a Global Context3
HIS1000CEmergence of a Global Society3
PHI1000CPhilosophy of the Human Person3
PHI1024Media Ethics3
SCI1000CScientific Inquiry3
SPE1000CPublic Speaking for the College Student3
THE1000CPerspectives on Christianity3
THE1040 SeriesTheology3
THE Any THE Elective3

And: Modern Foreign Language/Cultural Studies: 6 Credits from any second language

Global Approach to Education

Television and Film majors also benefit from St. John's focus on an international academic experience. The University offers extensive study abroad courses during the academic year as well as the winter and summer semesters. Students can live and learn at St. John's Rome or Paris campuses, or participate in a global choice of exchange programs at universities around the world, including the West Indies, England, Sweden, Japan, Australia, and Chile.

The following short-term courses are designed and have been offered for students with majors within the Division of Mass Communications, including Television and Film:

  • COM 8000 - Communications in India
  • COM 8001 - Mass Media in Russia
  • COM 8003 - Mass Media in Italy
  • COM 8004 - Mass Communication in Ireland
  • COM 8006 - Media, Culture and Communication in France
  • COM 8008 - Communications in Spain

Career Outcomes

When you graduate with a B.S. in Television and Film, you will have received:

  • Intensive classroom instruction detailing the history of film, television, and web-based media
  • A thorough grounding in film and television theory
  • Training in all relevant production techniques, including but not limited to directing, writing, camerawork, lighting, editing, sound recording and mixing, and special effects
  • Opportunities for hands-on learning at St. John’s university’s television center, media and visual effects labs, both through classroom instruction and participation in extracurricular clubs and organizations
  • Courses in management and business of media, as the industry values professionals with strong business skills

Additional Information

The state-of-the-art broadcast studio and post production facilities on our Queens campus allow our Television and Film students to obtain direct, hands-on, cutting-edge, professionally-oriented training, including computer animation, motion graphics, special effects, green screen and other technologies needed for success in the film and video industries.

Students also enjoy outstanding internship opportunities, thanks to our program's extensive professional connections in the New York area's world-class television, internet, and film industries. Our students have interned at CNN, NBC, MTV, HBO, A&E, The Daily Show, Steiner Studios, Miramax, and many other leading media organizations throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

Students gain an academic and professional edge by joining any of St. John's more than 180 student clubs and organizations. The Collins College of Professional Studies offers membership in clubs and societies of special interest to Television and Film majors:

  • St. John's University Television Club (WRED): members prepare for the competitive television/media industry by providing access to St. John's state-of-the-art equipment. Students are able to write, direct, product, edit and act in video productions.
  • The Society for Performing and Communications Arts: students develop independent projects to broaden their academic, creative and professional growth, as well as promote their work through the coordination of film festivals, the staging of plays, and visual art exhibitions. 
  • WSJU: the student-run campus radio station offering academic credit and practical broadcast experience for students interested in the field of radio.

Students also may qualify for any of St. John's varied honor societies. For example, you can apply to The Collins College of Professional Studies Honor Society, which recognizes undergraduates who demonstrate academic excellence and involvement in campus, community and church activities.

Other facilities include high-tech classrooms, computer laboratories and our 1.7 million-volume University Library. Our new D’Angelo Center is a five-story, 127,000-square-foot University and Student Center with classrooms, lecture halls, a Starbucks Café and a full-service food court.

Students take advantage of St. John’s location in dynamic New York City. Our faculty and Career Center have strong ties to employers and other professional and educational resources throughout the New York area. Students also make New York their classroom through innovative courses like Discover New York.

Department Contact

Contact Director of the TVF program. In her/his absence, please contact Chair of the Division of Mass Communication.

Collins College of Professional Studies

Professor Alla Baeva

Program Director

Professor Alla Baeva
Program Director
[email protected]