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Asian Studies Minor

Institute for Asian Studies


The Institute for Asian Studies was established in 1959. Our goal is to foster, facilitate, and enhance a global, multicultural, multiethnic, and multilingual education at St John's University. All programs within the Institute offer a comprehensive and critical study of the development of the Asian world, both as a whole and as individual societies, culturally and linguistically. Courses span the humanities and social sciences, and language courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are offered at various levels. Our master's-level programs provide intensive research training in the field. The Institute for Asian Studies offers a minor in Asian Studies to complement any major with a global perspective on the Asian world.



ASC 1300 Introduction to the Civilizations of Asia I
ASC 2610 Discovering China

Electives (two chosen):

CHI 1010; 1020 Elementary Chinese I;II
CHI 2030; 2040 Intermediate Chinese I;II
CHI 3090; 3100 Readings in Selected Chinese Essays
JPN 1010; 1030 Elementary Japanese I;II
JPN 2030; 2040 Intermediate Japanese I;II
JPN 3090; 3100 Readings in Selected Japanese Essays
KOR 1010; 1020 Elementary Korean I;II
KOR 2030; 2040 Intermediate Korean I;II
KOR 3090; 3100 Readings in Selected Korean Essays

In addition, students must select two additional elective courses (six credits) under departmental advisement.

Only academic programs approved by NYSED are eligible for federal and state aid: NYS Inventory of Registered Programs http://www.nysed.gov/heds/IRPSL1.html.  Minors are not recognized by NYSED therefore associated courses are only eligible for federal or state aid consideration when required by a major or when also used to satisfy a core or general elective requirement.

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