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History Minor



Earning a degree in history provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the issues and events that shape today’s global society. Studying history is also a proven way to develop the analytical and communication skills necessary for success in most fields, including business, law, journalism, public policy, and teaching.

Our department features an award-winning faculty that cares about your growth as a student and an individual. We connect the past to the present, offering in-depth study of the world’s major civilizations, cultures, and events. From ancient to contemporary times, course offerings span the globe and include the histories of the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.



HIS 1000C Emergence of a Global Society
HIS 1010 World History I

Electives (nine chosen):

Nine elective credits chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor.
Please note that one of the electives must be a non-Western course.

Only academic programs approved by NYSED are eligible for federal and state aid: NYS Inventory of Registered Programs  Minors are not recognized by NYSED therefore associated courses are only eligible for federal or state aid consideration when required by a major or when also used to satisfy a core or general elective requirement.

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