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St. John’s University’s Master of Science Degree Program in International Hospitality Management responds to the explosive growth in the global hospitality industry in recent years.  More people are traveling than ever before for both business and pleasure. The industry today is full of new and exciting varieties of hotels, restaurants, brands, experiences, adventures and more.

Travelers visit familiar and remote places around the globe and want desirable places to stay and innovative vacation, relaxation, learning, fun and volunteer offerings. Employment in the hospitality industry continues to grow; by 2024, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that wage and salary jobs in the hospitality industry will grow by 8 percent.  In the United States, travel and tourism are among the largest services industries and the largest employers. This growth presents a greater need for educated hospitality professionals.

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The Master of Science Degree program in International Hospitality Management enables students to increase their managerial hospitality expertise, through study and research, in several newly developing specialty areas. M.S. degree graduates will offer increased executive talent and value to hospitality organizations employing them.

The hospitality industry encompasses a wide range of businesses; hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, convention centers, resorts, and more. Those with masters’ level education in hospitality are increasingly preferred as management employees, because with their advanced education and professional experience, they can quickly enter advanced management positions. Today, the global arena of hospitality offers people with advanced degrees executive opportunities anywhere in the world.

This unique M.S. Degree program also recognizes that strong growth is projected in healthcare, healthcare support and personal care fields. The program includes coursework for those interested in managing residential healthcare housing, patient customer services, and recreation, travel and tourism experiences for elderly and disabled persons.

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M. S. Degree Requirements:  30 credits

Required Core: 18 credits, taken by all students, includes all the following:

IHM 100 International Hospitality Management

IHM 101 Revenue Management in the International Hospitality Industry

IHM 103 Delivering Successful Customer Service

IHM 104 Marketing and Sales in International Hospitality Management

IHM  108 Hospitality Analytics and Decision Making

IHM 504 IHM Internship: Professional Experience

Elective Courses, 12 credits or 4 courses; Students choose from the following:

IHM 102 Hospitality Business Law and Risk Management

IHM 105 Social Media Analytics and Technology in International Hospitality

IHM 106 Economics of Travel and Tourism

IHM 110 International Financial Hospitality Management

IHM 111 Event and Festival Management

IHM 112 Strategic International Hospitality Leadership

IHM 113 Human Resources and Labor Relations in International Hospitality Management

IHM 114 Quality, Ethics and Service Excellence in the Hospitality Industry

IHM 116 Ecotourism and Sustainability in International Hospitality Management

IHM 117 Hospitality Management and Patient Experience

IHM 500 Selected Topics in International Hospitality Management (Research Course) *

IHM 509 Study Abroad International Internship

*In IHM 500, Selected Topics in International Hospitality Management, students conduct research and write a comprehensive Professional Paper under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

The portfolio of elective courses supports students in developing analytic techniques that deepen knowledge of sub-industry areas, such as hospitality services for special need populations and patient health care hospitality management. Students also have opportunities to develop professionally through internship experiences. There is one required Professional Internship Experience, IHM 504, and students may choose to complete this required Internship abroad by completing IHM 509 instead of IHM 504. The local, national, and international internship opportunities available are distinctive elements of this program, when compared with most other graduate level programs in hospitality.


The M.S. Degree program in International Hospitality Management aims to equip managers and executives with expertise in a range of business disciplines and with critical competencies in many aspects of hospitality.  The program aims to support students

  • To become innovative leaders in delivering hospitality services for new populations such as the elderly and the disabled, in using technology and social media to attract and to retain customers, and in maintaining financial viability, through specific courses in the program focused on these topics;
  • To understand that consumer expectations of excellent customer service in hospitality globally are high, and that social media, research and analytics play key roles in measuring customer satisfaction, and its critical relationship to the economics and finance of hospitality;
  • To appreciate the sustainability and ecotourism movements in hospitality and to prepare for managing hospitality developments globally in environmentally protective and fiscally sound ways.

Success Stories

The International Hospitality Management program has already been successful for many students. Some of our graduates from the class of 2021 and 2022 have already landed the following positions at Conrad Midtown: Group Desk Manager, Executive Meeting Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Event Manager, Front Desk Coordinator and HR Coordinator.

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