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Physical Science, Bachelor of Science



Physical Science is a flexible major that can include physics, chemistry, and mathematics. It is a desirable path for pre-medical and other pre-health professional studies. Very often, this is taken as a second major along with a major in Biology.

The Physical Science program at St. John's University offers three interdisciplinary program tracks, offering you opportunities in various fields in engineering and the sciences. 

  • The Mechatronics track combines electrical, mechanical and computer engineering as well as robotics.
  • The Engineering Physics track will prepare you to pursue future careers in either electrical or mechanical (civil) engineering.
  • The Biophysics track combines chemistry, biology and physics courses.

Each of these tracks will train you for positions in industry or for further graduate study, opening up opportunities in growing fields and a technological market. Through the Physical Science program at St. John's, you gain the technological, analytical, and communication skills you need for success.

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To earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Physical Science, you complete 120 credits, including core, major, and elective requirements. The major requirements are outlined below. For more information about the courses listed below, please see the St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences section of our Undergraduate Bulletin.

PHYS 1930 / 1610 University Physics I / College Physics I4
PHYS 1940 / 1620University Physics II / College Physics II4
PHYS 1950Mathematics for Physical Science3
PHYS 1970*Introduction to Modern Physics3
MTH 1730University Calculus I4
MTH 1740University Calculus II4

You complete an additional 23 credits, chosen from among the following program tracks: 


PHY 1100Introduction to AutoCAD3
PHY 2000Introduction to Digital Systems4
PHY 2100Introduction to Microprocessor4
PHY 3000Introduction to Mechatronics3
PHY 3510Electrical Systems3
PHY 3240Electronics4
PHY 3890Introduction to Programming3

*PHY1970 is not required for Mechatronics. It can be substituted for PHY 2110 Engineering Mechanics.

Engineering Physics

Mechanical/Civil Engineering

PHY 2150Thermodynamics3
PHY 2110Engineering Mechanics3
PHY 3890Introduction to Programming3
PHY 3820Fluid Mechanics3
PHY 3210Electricity and Magnetism3
PHY 3240Electronics4
Any upper-level Physics course 

Electrical/Computer Engineering

PHY 2000Introduction to Digital Systems4
PHY 2100Introduction to Microprocessor4
PHY 3510Electrical Systems3
PHY 3520Networks3
PHY 3240Electronics4
PHY 3890Introduction to Programming3
PHY 3210Electricity and Magnetism3


23 credits from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Career Outcomes

St. John’s University is widely known for the success of its alumni. lists the University among its top 15 institutions in terms of graduates’ earning power. And a recent survey by The Wall Street Journal ranks St. John’s among 100 Top colleges and universities that are “most likely to help students land a job in key careers . . . that are growing, pay well and offer high levels of job satisfaction.”

Additional Information

Students also may choose from a wide variety of student activities which are specific to the major as well as student clubs and organizations that enhance their academic studies, including the Math Club and the Sigma Pi Sigma honor society.

Other resources include high-tech classrooms, a 1.7 million-volume University Library, and facilities like the Staten Island Campus DaSilva Academic Center and Queens Campus D’Angelo Center.

You also enjoy the many cultural and professional benefits accruing from St. John’s New York location, including the faculty and Career Services's relationships with leading business and educational resources throughout the area.

You can further expand your educational and experiential horizons with a Global Education at St. John's.