BA Global Development and Sustainability

Global Development and Sustainability, Bachelor of Arts


As the global community becomes increasingly interdependent, we are faced with new political, cultural, economic, social, and environmental realities, along with many new challenges. In response to these challenges, graduates must enhance their knowledge and skills across national and disciplinary boundaries.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development and Sustainability from St. John’s University, you learn to develop systemic solutions that promote global solidarity and to effectively strategize in response to rapid global change. The program provides you with a broad framework for understanding global and sustainable development, and deepens your knowledge of our global community. You have the option to select either the Science or Social Science program track to fit your individual interests and career goals.

Our thoroughly interdisciplinary curriculum incorporates courses from across the liberal arts. Grounded in our University Mission, the program also incorporates Academic-Service Learning, as well as study abroad and global internship opportunities to enhance your professional and international experience.

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Barbara Koziak, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Program Director
St. John Hall, 234J
[email protected]


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The B.A. in Global Development and Sustainability curriculum includes an array of interdisciplinary courses from across the liberal arts, an internship experience, and a capstone seminar. You also complete four elective courses from the program track you choose.

Major Requirements

GDS 1000/ANT 1200

Theories in Global and Sustainable Development

3 credits

GDS 2000/ANT    2200

Health, Food, and the Environment

3 credits

ANT/RCT 1155

Language and Intercultural Communication

3 credits

ECO 3346*

Economic Growth and Development

3 credits

GOV 3850

Politics of Developing Countries

3 credits


One language course at the 3000 level

3 credits

GDS 4980


3 credits

GDS 4990

Capstone Seminar in Global and Sustainable Development

3 credits

Program Electives

Choose from among approved electives in either the Social Science or Science track

12 credits


36 credits

Social Science Track Electives

Choose four courses (12 credits) from among the following:

ANT 1040

Culture and Global Change

3 credits

ANT 1100

Food and Culture

3 credits

ANT 2400

Anthropology of Development

3 credits

COM 3103

International Communication and Global Development

3 credits

ECO 3306

Comparative Economic Systems

3 credits

ESP 1020

Methods of Environmental Analysis

3 credits

GOV 2520

Politics of Environment and Development

3 credits

GOV 2680

Transnational Politics of Gender

3 Credits

HIS 3160

History of Human Rights and Social Justice

3 credits

PSY 2010

Cross-Cultural Psychology

3 credits

PSY 2180

International Psychology

3 credits

SOC 2020

Gender and Development

3 credits

SOC 2030

Economic Sociology

3 credits

SOC 2100

Global Poverty

3 credits

SOC 2330

Human Trafficking

3 credits

Science Track Electives

Choose four courses (12 credits) from among the following:

ANT/ESP 1120

Human Ecology

3 credits

ANT 2100

Medical Anthropology

3 credits

BIO 1070

Environmental Biology

3 credits

CHE 1210

Introduction to General Chemistry

5 credits

ESP 2020

Environmental Analysis

3 credits

ESP/GOV 2170

Global Environmental Politics and Policies

3 credits

ESP 2410

Principles and Practices of Sustainable Development

3 credits

GEO 1001

World Regional Geography

3 credits

GEO 2001

Natural Resources and World Development

3 credits

GEO 2002

Issues in Environmental Conservation

3 credits

PHY 1080

Our Planet

3 credits

PHY 1090

Science of Weather

3 credits

PHY 1120

Energy and Environment

3 credits

PHY 1520

Earth Science

3 credits

Global Approach to Education

As a St. John’s University student, you benefit from our enviable location in dynamic New York City. Through our renowned faculty and Office of Career Services, you have access to employers and other professional and educational resources throughout the New York area.

You also have the opportunity for an international academic or internship experience. The University offers extensive study abroad courses during the academic year as well as the winter and summer semesters.

Career Outcomes

As a graduate with a degree in Global Development and Sustainability, you can pursue domestic or international careers, as well as careers in more socially-oriented occupations or in economically-focused fields. You may find yourself working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in government, or in the private sector. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of social and community service managers is projected to grow 13 percent through 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.

The program's internship requirement integrates practical and theoretical knowledge, allowing you to build a network for your career. You may also opt to pursue an advanced degree in Global Development and Social Justice, Government and Politics, or Public Health, all of which are available at St. John's. 

Our vibrant service communities and networks throughout New York, Rome, and Paris help connect you with a meaningful career path.