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Entrepreneurship Minor

Developing and having an entrepreneurial spirit means to be a creative and independent problem solver. Choosing the minor in entrepreneurship will allow you to put your most creative foot forward in all that you do.  

The minor in Entrepreneurship features a combination of applied and academic learning experiences that provides you with the foundational understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur—and creates a supplementary experience that takes you from the classroom into the world of entrepreneurship. 

You learn Design Thinking and Problem Solving, and understand how to recognize and assess innovation opportunities, craft business plans, design business models, and communicate your ideas professionally to engage business partners and attract resources from investors and sponsors. While these skills are critical for anyone who wants to start a new venture, they are also largely sought and appreciated for corporate jobs because any company needs innovation and entrepreneurial mindset at work.

Through elective courses, you can also apply an entrepreneurial focus to a specific industry or sector. This minor offers all students, regardless of their major, the opportunity to acquire the skill sets necessary to be a successful entrepreneur—and to take those ideas to market and positively impact the business world. 

Degree Type
Area of Interest
Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Associated Colleges or Schools
Program Location
  • Queens Campus
Required Credit Hours

Course Requirements

Entrepreneurship (ENT) Minor - 18 credits

12 Core/required credits:

  • ENT 1000 Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship - 3 credits
  • ENT 1001 Foundational Tools for Entrepreneurship (Pick one of four equivalent courses: ACC 1007 or BLW 1001 or MKT 1001 or ECO 1001) - 3 credits
  • ENT 1002 Social Entrepreneurship - 3 credits
  • ENT 1003 (formally Mgt 1026) New Venture Initiation - 3 credits

Field Electives* (two courses required) 

  • ENT 1004/MGT Fashion Entrepreneurship - 3 credits
  • ENT 1005 Hospitality, Tourism Entrepreneurship - 3 credits
  • ENT 1006 Restaurant Entrepreneurship - 3 credits
  • ENT 1007 Digital Entrepreneurship - 3 credits
  • ENT 1008 Corporate Entrepreneurship - 3 credits

*Additional courses from other disciplines, subject to approval from your assistant dean, can be used as field electives. Computer science courses are also available.  

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