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Social Justice: Theory and Practice in the Vincentian Tradition (Interdisciplinary Minor)


Students in this 18-credit minor must complete the following requirements along with the Integrating Interdisciplinary Seminar in Social Justice and a minimum of 40 hours of service learning.


THE 2320 Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
THE 4995 Integrating Interdisciplinary Social Justice Seminar

Three credits from among the following courses:
PHI 2200C Ethics
PHI 2240C Ethics and Health Care
THE 2300 Introduction to Catholic Moral Theology

Three credits from among the following courses:
SOC 1190 Sociology of Poverty in America
ECO 1320 Poverty and Income Inequality (Abroad)

Six credits from among the following courses:
ART 1830 Racism in Film
BIO 1360 Biology and Society
CRJ 3005 Contemporary Social Problems in the Criminal Justice System
ECO 1024 The Economic Aspects of Discrimination in the United States
ESP 2160 / GOV 2160 American Environmental Politics and Policies
ESP 2170 / GOV 2170 Global Environmental Politics and Policies
GEO 2001 Natural Resources and World Development
GOV 2850 Politics of Developing Countries
HIS 3110 The Papacy Confronts the Modern World
HIS 3120 The History of Racism in the West Since 1500
HIS 3740 U.S.: Urban America
HIS 3780 Immigrants and the Catholic Church in the U.S.
LES 1018 Immigration Law
LES 1023 Environmental Law
LES 1024 Elder Law
PHI 3720 Environmental Ethics
PSY 1019 The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
SOC 1070 Social Problems
SOC 1170 Inequality; Race, Class and Gender
SOC 1590 Special Topics in Poverty Studies (Mini-Course)
SOC 2100 Global Poverty
SOC 2460 Social Justice and the City
SPE 2060 Argumentation: Inquiry and Advocacy
SPE 3150 Rhetoric of Social Movements
THE 3310 The Theology of Peace: A Gospel Reflection on Violence and War
THE 3320 God and Religion in the City


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