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Photojournalism Minor

The Minor in Photojournalism enables students to develop their knowledge and creative techniques in photographic styles of fashion, art, photo illustration, experimental, commercial, documentary, photojournalism, sports, and editorial.  By combining the intellectual, artistic, experimental and cultural diversity the visual arts offer, students receive vigorous training in the history, practices and methodologies of photography, and the visual arts in general in order to advance their artistic abilities, while also receiving extensive theoretical instruction on how photography has influenced cultural perceptions, political movements, and social attitudes to remain as the most persuasive force of visual communication.  Endorsed by Magnum Photos, the renowned photo agency founded by Masters, Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson, as well as the New York Daily News, the Minor in Photojournalism offers students the training to break new artistic barriers, discover their individual artistic voices, and compete in the highly competitive world of the photography and the visuals arts.

Degree Type
Area of Interest
Communications, Marketing & Media
Associated Colleges or Schools
Program Location
  • Queens Campus
Required Credit Hours


PHO 1500, 2100, 2200, 2201, 4200, 4600 

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