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Adolescent Education/Literacy (5-12), Bachelor of Science in Education / Master of Science in Education

Today’s teachers must be prepared to teach literacy to a very diverse population of students. New York State recognizes the need for all teachers to be proficient in literacy instruction to meet the needs of all students.

This program enables prospective teachers to become effective classroom instructors and literacy specialists who can diagnose the needs of their students and diversity their instructions in general education and inclusion settings.

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  • Queens Campus
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This five-year program is open to undergraduate education majors who achieve a 3.5 GPA and are willing to purse a more demanding and comprehensive program of study, and who, by virtue of their academic performance and interview with the faculty, are invited to participate in this unique B.S.Ed./M.S.Ed.program.

This program leads to NY State Certification in Adolescent Education (7-12) and Literacy (5-12).

This program is available on both the Queens & Staten Island campuses.

This program provides the students the ability to complete both undergraduate and graduate degrees in 5 years at considerable savings in cost and time.

They can also achieve dual initial certification in Adolescent Education 7-12 / Literacy 5-12.


Please see the requirement chart for the academic progression criteria in this dual degree program.


- Biology
- English
- Mathematics
- Physics

EDU 101 Introduction to Education (1-12)
(Credit: 1 semester hour)

EDU 1000/EDU 1000H Foundations of Education (1-12)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1001 Learning and Development-Childhood (1-6)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1003 Organizational Strategies & Classroom Environment (1-6)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1041 First & Second Language Acquisition and Literacy Development(1-6)
(Credit: 6 semester hours)

EDU 1042 Literacy Development for Content Area Reading & Assessment(1-6)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1055 The Art of Writing for Educators (1-6)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1006 Methods of Teaching Mathematics (1-6)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1007 Methods of Teaching Science (1-6)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1010 Methods of Teaching Social Studies (1-6)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1011 Human Relations in Inclusive & Multiculturalism (1-12)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1016 Art/Music in Inclusive Settings (1-6)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1027 Education Theory to Practice/Childhood (1-6)
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 1021 Student Teaching and Seminar/Childhood Education (grades 1-6)
(Credit: 12 semester hours)

EDU 3220 Approaches, Materials, & Performance Evaluation in Literacy Development*
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 3230 Diagnosis and Recommendations for Lit. Performance*
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 7266 Technology for Teaching Literacy App in Regular & S.E. Settings*
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 9711 Edu and Accom. Needs of Individuals w/ Exceptionalities*
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

*Nine graduate credits taken during four years of undergraduate program.

Total = 54-55 combined credits
Academic Concentrations: 24-30 Credits
Liberal Arts-Core Curriculum: 57 Credits

EDU 3200 Language Acquisition and Literacy Development
Fieldwork required.
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 3210 Research and Practice of Teaching Writing in General & Inclusive Education B-6
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 3240 Literacy and Assessment Strategies for Diverse Learners.
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 3283 Research & Strategies in Literacy Leadership 
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 3250 Practicum and Seminar in Literacy Instruction B-6
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 3264 Teaching Literacy through Literature B-6
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

EDU 3270 Theories of & Strategies for Teaching Literacy in Content B-6
(Credit: 3 semester hours)

Content: (24-30 credits)
In consultation with an advisor, students are required to select one content area from the following: English, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Language, Psychology, Sociology, Science (Biology or Physics) or Social Studies.

Department Contacts

Dr. Xiaojun (June) Chen

Chair and Associate Professor

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