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International Management, Bachelor of Science



International Management professionals apply their cross-cultural and global analytic skills to solving complex challenges facing businesses across many global industries.  The dynamic business environment requires professionals trained to identify global trends and skilled in approaching modern global dilemmas with cultural sensitivity and specific knowledge of the regions of the world where they work.  Modern management of international business requires leaders who will model socially responsible behavior for corporate performance that considers economic, environmental, social, and governance impacts.

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The International Management major offers students the opportunity to participate in international internships; global destination courses with embedded travel to countries in Europe, Asia or Latin America; or, in programs such as GLOBE (Global Loan Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs), students serve as a manager of a microfinance business making loans to entrepreneurs around the world.  These intensive experiences uniquely qualify students to secure jobs as managers of international divisions of major corporations, as experts in import/export activities, as foreign trade professionals, as entrepreneurs seeking to carve out a new business with international operations, as governmental specialists, or as social entrepreneurs with a vision to create systemic change that responds to issues of social injustice, poverty, and environmental degradation.

Faculty teaching international management courses are industry-trained as well as distinguished scholars in the field. Faculty bring a wealth of experience to the classroom, and they create an exciting and dynamic learning environment, using engaging teaching techniques. The diversity of our student body further enhances the opportunities to learn about various cultures and perspectives as you deepen your expertise in international management.


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Common and Distributed Core — 63 Credits

DS2333Modern Statistics I (Liberal Arts)3
DS2334Modern Statistics II (Liberal Arts)3
PHI1000C, 2220C, 3000CPhilosophy9
ECO1301C, 1302, ElectiveEconomics9
DNY1000CDiscover New York3
ENG1000C, 1100C, ElectiveEnglish9
THE1000C, 2200-2900, 3305Theology9
 Foreign Language (French, Italian, Spanish) 6

Business Core — 36 Credits

ACC2320Fundamentals of Accounting3
FIN2310Foundations in Finance3
LAW1310Law in a Business Environment3
MGT2301Administrative and Organizational Behavior3
MGT3325Management of Operations3
MGT4329Managerial Strategy and Policy3
MKT2301Principles of Marketing3
RMI2301Principles of Risk Management3
  Business/General Electives6
  Technology Elective3

Note: Business Core may vary if pursuing a dual degree program.

Seven Courses from the following — 21 Credits

IB3341Principles of International Business
MGT3391Global Business Strategy

And one of the following:

  Global Destination course (GDC)
  Global Internship
IB4312GLOBE-International Social Entrepreneurship

Professional Electives (3 credits): Business/Language Culture (chosen in consultation with Dean)

9 credits from the following:

IB4312GLOBE-International Social Entrepreneurship
MGT3339Global Organizational Behavior
MGT4334Managing a Culturally Diverse Workforce
MGT4338International Management and Operations
MKT3317International Marketing 
MGMT4321Global Supply Chain
Global Destination Course (GDC)

Fast-Track to Further Specializations

Fast-Track programs are cost-efficient and time-saving ways to provide students the opportunity to advance to a master’s degree from their B.S. in International Management.  Students who select a fast-track into an advanced degree must complete an online application and must meet the admission standards for that graduate program. Students should seek early program guidance from their adviser in anticipation of applying to a Fast-Track Program. Available Fast Track programs for International Management major are:

Global Approach to Education

Students can serve those in need while learning about the world of micro-financing by participating in GLOBE. This student-managed academic program works with the University's strategic partners to provide loans for aspiring entrepreneurs who would otherwise be unable to secure loans.

Exciting study abroad programs give students in The Peter J. Tobin College of Business the chance to experience the rich history, culture and perspectives of others around the world while gaining a competitive edge before embarking on careers in today’s global society.

Students take advantage of St. John’s location in dynamic New York City. Our faculty and Career Center have strong ties to employers and other professional and educational resources throughout the New York area. Students also make New York their classroom through innovative courses such as Discover New York.

Career Outcomes

Research on the market for graduates of this program indicate opportunities in the following fields: global entrepreneurship, international human resource management, foreign affairs analysis, global business and market analysis, global logistics and supply chain, international management consulting, importing and exporting, and management of global operations. The scope of business today is global, and this degree gives students an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

For more information, contact:

Michele Dell’Anno
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs
[email protected]

Additional Information

Along with outstanding courses and renowned professors, management students in The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John's benefit from world-class academic and technological resources.

For example, the Financial Information Lab boasts state-of-the-art learning tools including 29 computer workstations. Each computer offers the latest FactSet financial software. The lab provides access to Bloomberg systems as well as news, stock market information and financial data to enrich every student’s understanding of the business world.

Students have access to the latest financial news and information with 14 DirecTV Channels including Bloomberg 353, CNBC 355, CNBC World 357 and the Fox News Channel. Multimedia classrooms include premium audio/visual features such as wireless connectivity, laptop connectors, ceiling projectors and wall-mounted LCD screens. 

The Tobin College of Business features innovative programs such as the Executive-in-Residence Program (EIRP), which draws on the University’s extensive alumni network to provide both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to engage in practical business consulting with real-world business and non-profit organizations.

The Undergraduate Student-Managed Investment Fund is a highly selective program that gives students hands-on experience with managing a substantial portfolio.

Along with these opportunities, students can add to their learning experience through the University's business-related academic clubs and honor societies. Though each society emphasizes a particular business discipline, students in the Tobin College may join any of these student-run organizations:

  • APICS, The Educational Society for Resource Management
  • Advertising Club
  • Economics and Finance Society
  • Marketing Club
  • Accounting Society
  • National Association of Black Accountants

The Tobin College also offers membership in these honor societies:

  • Beta Alpha Psi: The national scholastic honor society in accounting
  • Beta Gamma Sigma: The Iota Chapter of this honor society for colleges of business administration
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon: The Theta Chapter of this national honor society in economics
  • Sigma Iota Epsilon: The Sigma Chapter of the national honor society in management)

Dean’s Honors Program

This elite program offers opportunities for high-achieving undergraduate business students to share their academic journey with fellow scholars in the program. It features enriched curricular activities designed to stimulate intellectual, professional, and personal growth by combining opportunities for career development, global study, research projects with faculty, and academic service-learning.

Students are selected for the program by Tobin faculty. Only the highest performing entering freshman are considered for selection for this prestigious program. 

The Dean’s Honors Program participation requirements include:

  • Enrollment in Dean's Honors-designated courses
  • Participation in a subsidized Global Destination Course
  • Completion of at least one internship course
  • Participation in workshop/speaker/career development activities each semester
  • Maintenance of a 3.5 cumulative GPA, both overall and within student’s major

The benefits of the program are many, notably:

  • Participating students receive funding toward the Tobin Global Destination course
  • Participating students have the option to conduct research with a faculty member within the student’s major
  • Participating students may live with other Honors Program participants in one of the University’s residence halls
  • Participating students get early exposure to and counseling by career services professionals