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International Management, Bachelor of Science

Gain knowledge and skills, language, and cultural sensitivities necessary to manage for-profit and not-for-profit sectors in a global dynamic environment.  Work and gain experience with distinguished faculty as you prepare for a successful career.

The program provides its students with the necessary skills, knowledge, language, and cultural awareness to manage for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, operating in a dynamic global environment, in an effective, efficient, and responsible way.  All students will have acquired at least one global experience before they graduate. 

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Degree Type
Area of Interest
Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Associated Colleges or Schools
Program Location
  • Queens Campus
Required Credit Hours

Study Opportunities and Experiences

Students can focus their study in world areas such as Latin America, Europe, and Asia by taking and becoming fluent in culture/language courses. Internships with multinational organizations, consulting opportunities, global destination courses, the GLOBE micro-finance course, and case studies are utilized to enhance the learning experiences.

Rewarding Excellence

The program rewards excellence through induction in the national management honors society Sigma Iota Epsilon, participation in the Executive-in-Residence program, and participation in GLOBE micro-finance program.

Integrating Vincentian Traditions and Values

Students can serve those in need while learning about the world of micro-financing by participating in GLOBE. This student-managed academic program works with the University's strategic partners to provide loans for aspiring entrepreneurs who would otherwise be unable to secure loans.

Student Organizations

  • ΣΙΕ National Honors Management Organization
  • Association for Supply Chain Management-SJU Student Chapter


Department Contact

John Angelidis




  • ACC 2370
  • BUA 2334
  • LAW 1310
  • FIN 2310
  • MGT 1301
  • MGT 3325
  • MGT 4329
  • MKT 2301
  • RMI 1301
  • TECH Elective
  • Business Elective (6 cr.)
  • Business/General Elective (6 cr.)

Note: Business Core may vary if pursuing a FastTrack program

Students must select their Global Experience country upon enrollment, chosen in consultation with their Dean or Advisor.

Required Courses

  • IB 3341
  • MGT 3391

Global Destination Course

  • Global Experience: GDC, Global Internship, or GLOBE (6 cr.)
  • International Management Elective (6 cr.)

Fast-Track programs are cost-efficient and time-saving ways to provide students the opportunity to advance to a master’s degree from their B.S. in Management.  Students who select a fast-track into an advanced degree must complete an online application and must meet the admission standards for that graduate program. Students should seek early program guidance from their adviser in anticipation of applying to a Fast-Track Program. Available Fast Track programs for Management major are:

University Core Curriculum

Our student body is considered one of the most diverse in the world. It consists of students with different backgrounds and experiences.  Each of our students learns to work, respect, and thrive in a global, diverse, inclusive environment.

Our students are required to acquire at least one global experience.  This can be achieved by participating in an internship with a multinational organization, taking the GLOBE microfinance course where students interact with multinational entrepreneurs to provide micro-loans, taking global destination courses that include traveling abroad, see and experiencing how business is contacted abroad.            

We instill in our student's social responsibility by requiring them to be involved in Academic Service Learning projects.  As such they are learning of the positive social impact they can have.

Featured Faculty

Our world-class scholar-teachers are one reason students from around the globe select St. John’s to acquire the knowledge and skills to excel in their careers. Much of our faculty have received top academic honors, which include Fulbright Guggenheim awards and inclusion among The Princeton Review’s “Best 300 Professors” in America.

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