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**For everyone's health and safety, the Dean's office will continue assisting students remotely throughout the Spring 2021 semester. Please contact your dean through email for assistance.

Queens Campus

8000 Utopia Parkway
St. Augustine Hall, Second Floor
Queens, NY 11439

Staten Island Campus

300 Howard Avenue
Flynn Hall, Room 101
Staten Island, NY 10301


Fall and Spring Terms

Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am - 3:00pm

Summer Semester

Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday: Closed

Contact Information for Queens Academic Administration, Chairpeople, Directors and Career Center Advisors

Academic Administration

NameTitleExt.Assisting Students with
Last Names Beginning:
Andrew BholaAssoc. Dean
A–BLillian Senesi2351
Gail ChiarovanoAssoc. Dean5978C–DLillian Senesi2351
Fr. Michael CumminsAsst. Dean5972E–IMarie Inguaggiato5992
Theresa PerosAsst. Dean5983J–MeMarie Inguaggiato5992
Geraldine CastelliAsst. Graduate Dean7628Mf–OqSusan Fourman5991
GraduatePat Bartolomeo5987
Diana MorganAsst. Dean5982Or–ShLillian Senesi2351
Randy OrtizAsst. Dean2521Si–ZSusan Fourman5991


Glenn GerstnerDean7474Academic FacultyMary Anne Di Re5976
Luca IandoliAssoc. Dean3857Global Programs and Research Mary Anne Di Re5976
Emese IvanSenior Associate Dean of Faculty2038Graduate ProgramsLinda DiLorenzo8025
Brian HarteAssociate Dean for External Affairs and Graduate Programs3797Graduate ProgramsPat Bartolomeo5987


Robert BaroneAssoc. Dean2622CCPS TV Center Operations
Max HergenrotherDirector5977CCPS Technology Operations
Kevin JamesAsst. Dean1531CCPS Budget/Website/Marketing
Richard MartinezSr. Broadcast Engineer1994TV Center/St. Augustine CCPS Labs

Chairpeople and Directors

HumanitiesDr. Craig Baron7396Nina Asaro6443
Criminal Justice, Legal Studies & Homeland CRJ, LES, HLS, HCLDr. Antoinette Collarini-Schlossberg7408Elana Pirov7511
Computer Science, Math & Science CUS, CYB, HCI, NET, DSDr. Joan DeBello2032Nina Asaro6443
Administration and Eco (& Hospitality)- ENTR, HMT, FASDr. Almerinda Forte2039Nina Asaro6443
Sport Management SPM, SPGDavid Hedlund7399Linda DiLorenzo8025
Mass Communication—CAS, ADV, PUBR, TVF, JOU, PHOJ, ICMBasilio Monteiro7339Margaret Huber7429
English and Speech—LSTProf. Claire  O’Donoghue7371Linda DiLorenzo8025
Health and Human Services (& Administrative Studies) ADS, HHS—HC, HHS -HSDr. Joan Tropnas1566Elana Pirov7511
M.S. Computer ScienceChristoforos Christoforou7998Nina Asaro6443
M.S.Cyber Information and SecuritySuzanna Schmeelk6111Nina Asaro6443
M.S. Data ScienceChristina Schweikert7439Nina Asaro6443
M.S. Healthcare SystemsJoan Tropnas1566Elana Pirov7511
M.S. Innovation & Entrepreneurship (w/ TCB)Carmine Gibaldi7446Nina Asaro6443
M.S. International Communications ICMMark Juszczak3548Margaret Huber7429
M.S. International Hospitality ManagementApril Merenda4522Nina Asaro6443
M.S. Integrated Advertising Communication ADVNeil Feinstein7366Margaret Huber7429
M.P.S. Sport Management- SPGDavid Hedlund7399Linda DiLorenzo8025
M.P.S. Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Leadership HCL


Brian Harte (Queens)


3797Elana Pirov7511

Harold Broderick
(Staten Island)

DPS: Homeland Security- HLSDr. K. Cozine1852


Administrative Studies ADSDr. R. Ortiz2521Elana Pirov7511
Advertising ADVC/ADVMPProf. J. Swan7611Margaret Huber7429
Communication Arts CASDr. Candice Roberts (Director –Queens)7983
M. Perry (internships)7341
Nancy DiTunnariello (Dir.- S.I.)4144
Computer Science, Cyber Security, Healthcare Informatics, Networking (CUS, CYB, HCI, NET)Dr. B. MacKellar –Director (CUS)7452Nina Asaro6443
Dr. N Yadav –(Division Internship Coordinator) (IT - Director)7459
Syed Bukhari - (Director HCI)2362
 Erald Troja - (Director CSS)3076  
Criminal Justice CRJJie Xu(Director–Queens)3221Elana Pirov7511
Prof. M. Kehoe (Internship- Queens/SI)1680
Prof. H. Broderick (Director- S.I. CRJ)390-4432
Health & Human Services HHS- HC / HHS-HSDr. J. Tropnas (Director)1566
Dr. A. Rogers (internships)3589
Homeland Security- HLSProf. J. Grossmann7436
Hospitality Management HMTBrian Park3721Nina Asaro6443
Journalism - JOUProf. M. Rizzo7390Margaret Huber7429
Legal Studies LESProf. JCroft (Queens)7821Elana Pirov7511
Prof. E. Boegel (S.I.)390-4126
Prof. M. Noe (internships)7335
Liberal Studies - LSTDr. K. Marks7473Linda DiLorenzo8025
Public Relations- PUBRTiffany Mohr Margaret Huber7429
Sport Management - SPMDr. S. Pack7421Linda DiLorenzo8025
TV & Film - TVFProf. A. Baeva5975Margaret Huber7429


Career Center

Mass Comm Majors (Advertising, Communication Arts, Journalism, Public Relations, TV & Film)Elisa Zervos1368
Computer Science Majors (Computer Science, Cyber Security, Data Mining, Healthcare Informatics, Networking)Elisa Zervos1368
Criminal Justic, Homeland Security, Legal StudiesDaisy Saldana5979
Hospitality Management, Health & Human Services, Administrative Studies, Liberal StudiesDaisy Saldana5979
Sports Management, Enterprise RegulationJaime-Grillo Nardone5943
Employer Relations for all CPS MajorsJames Lally 

Staten Island Campus

NameTitleExt.Assisting Students with
Last Names Beginning:
Maria RappaAssistant Dean
A–LCharlene Rossomando4449
Providence PalastroAssist. Dean/Dir SI Advising4449M-ZCharlene Rossomando4449

Providence Palastro
Assist. Dean/Dir SI Advising
(718)390 4449
[email protected]

Maria Rappa
Assistant Dean
[email protected] 

Charlene Rossomando
Academic Support Assistant
Tel 718-390-4449
[email protected]