Intellectual Property Clinic

What is the Intellectual Property Clinic?

As aspiring entrepreneurs you have been told a lot about what it takes to get your entrepreneurial idea off the ground. Among the other things, you most definitely need a good pitch, seed funding, networking, a business plan, and a great team. Well, how about Intellectual Property (IP)? It turns out that lot of high-potential ventures fail just because they did not protect or valorize their idea and business concept through adequate IP.

Intellectual property is a key aspect in most entrepreneurial undertakings. Unfortunately, academic entrepreneurs and innovators tend to overlook this fundamental factor.

Here is where the St John’s IP Clinic can help. This program is run in collaboration between the Collins College of Professional Studies and Eckert Seamons, a full-service national law firm with a strong reputation and history of success that spans more than 60 years..

St. John’s academic entrepreneurs who apply and are selected for this program will receive free advice on the assessment of their IP needs.

To apply, click on the following link and share with us information about your entrepreneurial project. If selected, you will be put in contact with an Eckert Seamons patent attorney for a counseling session.

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Intellectual Property Events

Intellectual property is a key aspect in most entrepreneurial undertakings. Unfortunately, academic entrepreneurs and innovators tend to overlook this fundamental factor.

In this webinar, Daniel Melman, a St. John’s University School of Law alumnus and partner at Pearl Cohen, a leading international law firm providing IP legal services to innovative companies across the world, will discuss different types of intellectual property protection mechanisms and their vital role in supporting entrepreneurial ventures undertaken by students and academicians. The IP Clinic, a new initiative created in collaboration between the Collins College and Pearl Cohen to support St. John’s academic entrepreneurs in assessing their IP needs, will also be presented.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
2 -3:15 p.m.

Speaker: Daniel Melman, Partner, Eckert Seamons

Daniel Melman



Mr. Melman is an experienced intellectual property litigation and trial attorney. He concentrates his practice on counseling clients in connection with the procurement, protection, and licensing of intellectual property assets, including patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights across various technologies. Mr. Melman is also a registered patent attorney and regularly practices before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Prior to graduating from St. John’s University School of Law, summa cum laude, Mr. Melman worked as an engineer at a Fortune 1000 company.



Speaker: John DiMarco, Ph.D, Professor, Mass Communication

John DeMarco, Ph.D


John DiMarco, Ph.D. is a Professor of Communication at St. John's University in New York City and a nonfiction writer. Dr. DiMarco has published numerous articles and chapters as well as five books. He has contributed to and been quoted in media outlets including USA Today, MONEY Magazine, Newsday, Fox Business, Learning Solutions Magazine, Training and Development Magazine, Business News Daily, and The New York Daily News on stories involving communication, public relations, visual design, and career skills. His research interests include visual design, creativity, digital media, persuasion, new product development, and instructional design. John DiMarco is a certified Adobe Education Trainer and the founder of, an educational technology website serving students and faculty worldwide.