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College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Research and Laboratories

In today’s world, innovations in science demand big-picture thinking, a passion for teamwork across industries, and a network of outstanding collaborators to produce real-world solutions. These are the same qualities that define the research taking place within the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at St. John’s University. As a result, the College attracts high-performing students, faculty, and collaborators, all working toward a shared goal of improving human health. Take a look at some of the research being performed in our laboratories.

Our Labs & Faculty

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Gillespie Research Lab

A number of projects are ongoing in the lab including low level lead exposure biomarker discovery, elucidating the biological pathways underlying manganese toxicity, development of immunological synapse inhibitors, and the deployment of affordable proteomic techniques that can be used for pilot discovery or in educational laboratory settings.

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Serajuddin Research Lab

The primary mission of the Industrial Pharmacy Program at St. John’s University is to educate and train students to address drug product development needs of pharmaceutical companies in the USA, the majority of which are located in the northeast region of the USA within 200 miles of the university.

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Research Interests

Take a look at some of the research interests of our faculty members.

Male and Female student working in lab

Yoganathan Research Lab

The Yoganathan laboratory develops innovative chemical and biological approaches to discover new chemical scaffolds as potential drug leads for the treatment of various diseases.