Working together to invest in our students future.

Over the years, The Collins College of Professional Studies has established a number of key partnerships to deliver quality and career orientated education to our students. Our network of partners provide various benefits to our students and their investments have left a lasting mark at the Collins College of Professional Studies.

Academic Partners

The Collins College of Professional Studies (CCPS) is excited to announce a recent St. John’s University (SJU) partnership with the Infor Education Alliance Program, which is designed to integrate real-world business applications into curricula to enhance learning. Infor is a 14,000 person enterprise resource software (ERP) company with physical locations in New York and abroad near SJU facilities.

Our students now have access to free innovative technologies, hands-on industry learning initiatives, and train-the-trainer programs that translate into marketable skills and experiences for students, most notably internships and jobs for a variety of majors. Please follow this link for more information

Information Technology
The Office of Information Technology is responsible for computing, communications, information and wireless network services for students, faculty and staff throughout the University community.

In addition to overseeing and implementing the Academic Computing Initiative, Information Technology offers students ongoing technical support. Learn more about technology at St. John's, and the ways Information Technology supports the University's ongoing commitment to preparing students for success in our changing world.

Campus Facilities and Services
The Department of Campus Facilities and Services is a customer service organization devoted to exceeding the environmental expectations of the students, faculty and staff while providing critical stewardship of the physical assets and precious resources entrusted to our care.

We endeavor to create a unique sense of place that supports the mission of the University while instilling in our students and staff a sense of pride, belonging, and ownership. We commit to a standard of service excellence as we build and maintain a clean, safe, friendly and comfortable atmosphere that facilitates the University mission.

Corporate Partners

Environmental Tectonics Corporation (‘”ETC”) was founded in 1969. For over four decades, ETC has provided engineered solutions to its customers with products, service and support, which in many cases leads to better training which saves lives. Innovation, continuous technological improvement and enhancement, and product quality are core values that are critical to our success. ETC products are found in over 90 countries around the world.

IVCi is a leading provider of collaboration solutions designed to bring people together—no matter where they are or what technology they have. Our mission is to enable our customers to improve their business and their bottom line by unleashing the collective power of their people through collaboration.

With over two decades of experience in the collaboration industry, IVCi focuses on the successful deployment of collaboration solutions by providing services that aim to align technology with business goals and objectives. Whether collaborating from a state-of-the-art conference room or joining a video meeting on-the-go from a tablet, IVCi ensures that every collaboration session is a success.

Non-For-Profit Partners

Government Partners