The Peter J. Tobin College of Business Undergraduate Programs

The Peter J. Tobin College of Business offers an education that is entrepreneurial, experiential, and global. Explore our Thomas J. Cox, Jr. Honors Program, our Executive in Residence Program, our majors, and our global opportunities below.  Join Tobin and enhance your career today!

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Our Programs

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Fast Track Programs

The Tobin Fast Track programs provide an economic and competitive advantage to St. John's University undergraduate students by reducing the financial burden of the graduate Tobin Master of Science and M.B.A. programs. Because the Fast Track programs provide an opportunity for St. John's University undergraduates to take up to four graduate classes during their senior year, students only need to complete the remaining graduate classes (24 credits or less) in their fifth year at the Manhattan or Queens campus or online. Applications for the Fast Track programs should be completed by the end of a student’s third year of study and admission is based primarily on St. John's University undergraduate academic performance.

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The Certificate in Risk and Insurance is a two-semester, 24-credit certificate program based at the Manhattan campus and admits students in the fall semester.

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Thomas J. Cox, Jr. Honors Program

This elite program offers opportunities for high-achieving undergraduate business students to share their academic journey with fellow scholars in the program. It features enriched curricular activities designed to stimulate intellectual, professional, and personal growth by combining opportunities for career development, global study, research projects with faculty, and academic service-learning.

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Earn a Minor

If you want to enhance your major, or focus on a second area of study, a minor may be right for you. The Tobin college offers over 20 minors designed to provide you with the opportunity to study a second area of interest, broaden your knowledge, skills, and competencies, and give you an advantage over the competition when you are interviewing for employment or applying to graduate school. Minors show employers or schools that you are hardworking and can handle an additional workload. Minors are discipline-based; that is, the department that offers the minor defines its content.

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Placement and Performance

At The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, we believe in providing our students with an education that is entrepreneurial, experiential, and global. As a Vincentian community, we consider the well-being, safety, health, and education of our students to be our primary priority.

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Global Education

Graduate students at Tobin are offered a number of opportunities for short-term study abroad through a menu of Global Destination Courses. These courses incorporate travel to a destination linked to the academic content of the course where students witness first-hand how business operates in other cultures.

Double Majors

A double major enables the undergraduate student to earn one Bachelor of Science degree but have two majors listed on the transcript.

The Tobin College permits double majors with the following majors: Business Analytics, Economics, Finance, International Management, Management, Marketing, and Risk Management and Insurance. The double major requires the same 120 semester hours to graduate and no additional tuition, but results in two majors within the Bachelor of Science degree. The four general electives and six major requirements are combined to provide 10 courses. Each major requires 18 credits with courses designated by the faculty to be double counted for each major.

Undergraduates applying for a double major should obtain approval from their academic advisor by the end of their second year of study. Admission is based primarily on undergraduate academic performance at St. John’s. A grade point average of 2.5 is required for a double major.

Examples of Double Majors

  • Business Analytics/Marketing
  • Economics/Risk Management and Insurance
  • Finance/Business Analytics
  • Finance/Risk Management and Insurance
  • International Management/Economics
  • International Management/Marketing
  • Management/Marketing