Frequently Asked Questions for CCPS Students


The Collins College of Professional Studies Dean’s office is the office that handles all your academic concerns and questions. The Collins College of Professional Studies offers programs at both the Queens and Staten Island campuses, where students can experience a flexible yet challenging curriculum enriched by internships, community service and international study programs. Our Queens Dean’s office is located in St. Augustine Hall Second Floor, while our Staten Island Campus is located in Flynn Hall Room 101

The Dean’s office can assist you with:

  • Academic Advisement
  • General Program Information
  • Guidance on Declaring or Changing Majors and Minors
  • Credit Checks
  • Pass/Fails, Makeup Exams, Course Withdrawals, Permission for Summer Study

Through academic advisement, students discuss their personal and academic goals with their dean or faculty advisor. Students are required to meet with their advisor at least once per semester for registration, and are encouraged to visit as needed.

Queens Campus: St. Augustine Hall, Second Floor
For the Queens Campus: Your advising dean is determined by your last name:

Cohort Last NameDeanTitlePhone NumberSt. John's Email
A-BAndrew BholaAssociate Dean718-990-5981[email protected]
C-DGail ChiarovanoAssociate Dean718-990-5978[email protected]
E-IMichael Cummins,C.M.Assistant Dean718-990-5972[email protected]
(Graduate Students A-L)
Theresa PerosAssistant Dean718-990-5983[email protected]
M-O; (Graduate Students M-Z)Geraldine CastelliAssistant Dean718-990-7628[email protected] 
P-ShDiana MorganAssistant Dean718-990-5982[email protected]
Si-ZRandolph OrtizAssistant Dean718-990-2521[email protected]

Staten Island Campus: Flynn Hall 101
For the Staten Island Campus, please contact 718-990-4449 for advisement.

DeanTitlePhone NumberSt. John's Email
Maria RappaAssistant Dean718-390-4431[email protected] 

Queens Students: To make an appointment with your advising dean, please visit:

If you are a freshman, schedule your registration advisement appointment with your advisor in the Center for Student Success by calling 718-990-5858.

Staten Island Students: To make an appointment with your advising dean, please visit:

Once students achieve junior status they can meet with a faculty member for registration assistance. Some majors meet with faculty beginning their freshman year. Faculty members provide students with academic and career advice as well as internship information.

CCPS students can declare minors in both CCPS and St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

A list of all of our CCPS minors can be found online, please visit St. John’s College for their minor options.

Please complete the Change of Major form to change from one CCPS major to another.

If you are interested in a major that is not a part of CCPS, you may conduct an Internal Transfer through UIS for the major you would like. For more information on this, you can contact our Dean’s Office.

Students who are interested, should visit and follow up with their advising dean for any questions.

Internships are available for all CCPS programs. Juniors and seniors can visit the Dean’s office for general information on internships.

To prepare for an academic internship, students should:

  • Complete at least 12 credits in their major area.
  • Maintain a cumulative SJU GPA of at least 2.75.
  • Contact their program director or internship coordinator for specific internships requirements

For more internship information visit you may also visit the University Career Center for help on placement: 718-990-6375 or email them at [email protected].

The Dean’s List is awarded automatically each August to full time students who achieve a minimum semester GPA of 3.4 for both semesters in an academic year.

Information on CCPS Course Descriptions can be found in the CCPS section of the University Bulletin.

CCPS students have access to a variety of academic and non-academic services such as:

  • Counseling Center: Marillac 130, 718-990-6384
  • Tutoring Center: Library, Room 103, 718-990-1367
  • Campus Ministry: Marillac 239, 718-990-6255
  • Career Center: Chiang Ching Kuo Hall 718-990-6375
  • Student Life: D’Angelo Center, 718-990-1420
  • Residence Life: Donovan Hall, C-16: 718-990-2417
  • Disability Services: Marillac, 134: 718-990-3223

Any student who is unsatisfied with their course grade must follow the appeal procedure as mandated by the Collins College of Professional Studies. Grade changes may be processed within six months of the date that the grade was earned, but may not extend past the date of the degree conferral.  Please click here to learn more.

Students with specific questions or need clarification on any St. John’s policy are encouraged to contact the Dean’s office:

Queens Campus
8000 Utopia Parkway
St. Augustine Hall, Second Floor
Queens, NY 11439

Staten Island Campus
300 Howard Avenue
Flynn Hall, Room 101
Staten Island, NY 10301