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CPHS Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Clinical Laboratory Sciences White Coat Ceremony

Physician Assistant White Coat Ceremony in 2019 featuring students

Physician Assistant White Coat Ceremony

Student speaking at podium at Radiologic White Coat Ceremony

Radiologic Sciences White Coat Ceremony

St. John’s University’s Nursing Program Celebrates First Pledge Ceremony

Nursing Pledge Ceremony

The Nursing Pledge Ceremony is a symbolic event that represents a student’s transition into clinical rotation.

Past Events

Student Working in Lab

3-Minute Thesis Competition

student putting on his white coat at Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony

Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony is a symbolic rite of passage for students of the healing arts. For the pharmacy student, it signifies the professional relationship with other colleagues who provide healthcare services.

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Pharmaceutical Industry Networking

The Pharmaceutical Industry Networking (PIN) was developed to inform students on the various career opportunities available to Pharm.D.s within the pharmaceutical industry.

Two people working in PHS Doctoral Seminar

PHS Doctoral Seminars

Speaker standing at podium at Jarowoski Symposium

The Dr. Charles I. Jarowski Industrial Pharmacy Symposium

National Public Health Week logo

National Public Health Week

Male and Female student working in lab

Residency and Fellowship Showcases

A female pharmacy student looks through a microscope in a St. John’s University lab.

Dean's Hour

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers every semester a Dean’s Hour panel comprised of alumni and/or friends of the college that are recognized as innovative and leaders within their profession. The focus of these events is to offer students an opportunity to hear about the panelist’s professional and educational journey and network with these leaders. In addition, these events are intended to foster professionalism, innovation and entrepreneurship.

2022 CPHS Annual Awards Ceremony

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Annual Awards Ceremony

Image of young man teaching students

Documentary Screening and Question and Answer Session

Invisible Corps
In Officio Salutis
In Service of Health