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Study Abroad


Today we live in a professional and business world that is increasingly open and international. Globalization comes with both challenges and opportunities for individuals and organizations. To leverage these opportunities and to shield jobs and business from global threats, while keeping them competitive and thriving, we must train professionals that have the necessary skills to work and succeed in the global economy and in the multicultural workplace.


To reach these objectives, The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies (CCPS) provides a rich and diverse offering of study abroad experiences for students and professionals through specialized courses and programs connected to CCPS curricula.

  • Study trip (typically no credit)
  • Short-term embedded programs (one to two weeks attached to regular on-campus courses)
  • Exchange programs (spend a whole semester at a participating university)
  • Global Development Entrepreneurship Program–a collection of special programs, in partnership with international universities or global programs, with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation

    Embedded Programs (available Spring 2020)

    Exchange Programs