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Pitch Johnny Competition

Pitch Johnny Goes Digital

The Pitch Johnny Competition 2020 is open to all students at St. John’s University.

Apply Now! Become a Sponsor of Pitch Johnny 2020 Pitch Johnny Rules and Guidelines (subject to change)

Pitch Johnny 2020: Innovation Thrives Here!

Do you have an interest in entrepreneurship? Or an innovative idea you want to pitch? What about a problem to solve? Want to hear feedback and network with industry professionals who own and operate businesses? Enter now to gain practice essential to entrepreneurship and pitching innovations & a chance to win a cash prize

For the first time, Pitch Johnny goes Digital! The Pitch Johnny 2020 edition will be the first time in the history of the program where the entire competition goes digital. This year we will be presenting a different type of competition, where students will have to develop video style pitches and compete over the course of an entire semester for a chance to earn seed money to start and grow their ambitions of innovations.

Pitch Johnny Details:

Application Open: August 24, 2020

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  • Students develop a 3 min video pitch of a business idea and submit it into one division and a track within that division.
  • The pitch must be an original idea
  • Video must be in a MP4 Format or you may submit the video as a YouTube or Vimeo Link
  • Video editing is allowed
  • Submitted/Due by October 15th, 2020

For Profit Division: Contains 3 Tracks

  • Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Women Entrepreneurship

Non-for Profit Division: Contains 1 Track

  • Non-Profit

Judges Round 1 Evaluation:
October 16th – October 24th, 2020

    Students are pre-screened by a team of elite judges (entrepreneurs, faculty, alumni, etc) and they select a total of 6 pitches to move on into the popular vote.

    • 3 Pitches from the “For Profit” businesses: (1) Undergraduate (1) Graduate (1) Women
    • 3 Pitches from the “Non for Profit” businesses: (3) Non-for-Profits

    Round 2: Popular Vote
    October 26th – November 9th, 2020

    Video pitches selected to go to the popular vote will be judged by an online popular vote during a 2 week period.

    Round 3: Final Round
    Pitch your Idea Live Online 
    November 14th

    The Final 6 will compete in their division's final and their final placement will be selected by a combination of online popular vote (round 2) and the final judge panel (Round 3).

    • The online popular vote will count for 40% towards their final rankings
    • The final judge panel will count towards for 60% towards their final rankings

    For Profit Division

    Not-for-Profit Division

    1st Prize: $1,000

    2nd Prize: $500

    3rd Prize: $250

    1st Prize: $1,000

    2nd Prize: $500

    3rd Prize: $250

    Students with further questions about Pitch Johnny please contact:
    Kevin James or Christine Munch
    St. Augustine Hall, Second Floor
    [email protected]

    For further questions about judging or sponsoring Pitch Johnny please contact:
    Luca Iandoli
    St. Augustine Hall, 2-136
    [email protected]

    2020 Pitch Johnny Sponsors 


    Videos and Tips on How to Create the Perfect Pitch

    You are welcome to, and definitely not limited to, view the following links for tips on pitching your innovative idea.

    Rules and Format

    Click here to view the Pitch Johnny rules and format.

    Create the Perfect Pitch Workshop

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