CPHS Student Congress

The Student Congress of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is composed of a President, Vice-President, and Secretary; elected class representatives from each professional year; and delegates of the student organizations to increase participation in College governance.

Apply for the Student Congress Class Representative

Members will serve as liaisons between the student body and the College administration to

  • coordinate student activities
  • communicate matters of student interests to students, administration, and faculty
  • serve as a conduit to the College administration regarding concerns of student body
  • discuss College-specific initiatives, decisions, and communications

2022-2023 Class Representatives

George Fahmy
[email protected]

Hadeel Aldasooky
P2- Pharmacy   
[email protected]

Arya Firoozan
[email protected]

Khushbu Doshi
[email protected]

David Meni
Physician Assistant
[email protected]


Sara Loiacono
Biomedical Sciences
[email protected]

Positions Available

Pharmacy  P1
Pharmacy  P2
Pharmacy  P3
Pharmacy  P4
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Junior Student
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Senior Student
Physician Assistant, Senior Student
Radiologic Sciences, Junior Student
Radiologic Sciences, Senior Student
Toxicology, Junior Student
Toxicology, Senior Student
Biomedical Sciences, Junior Student
Biomedical Sciences, Senior Student
Public Health, one representative
MS Toxicology, one representative
MS Pharmacy Administration, one representative
MS Pharmaceutical Sciences, one representative
PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences, one representative
MS Physician Assistant, one representative