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  • AuD Doctor of Audiology
  • BABachelor of Arts
  • BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • BS Bachelor of Science
  • DPS Doctor of Professional Studies
  • EdD Doctor of Education
  • MA Master of Arts
  • MBA Master of Business Administration
  • MPS Master of Professional Studies
  • MS Master of Science
  • PHD Doctor of Philosophy
  • PSYD Doctor of Psychology


Administrative Studies

A solid foundation in problem-solving, critical thinking, communication skills, information technology, project management, and human resources management

Advertising Communication

To be successful in the dynamic and fast-paced field of advertising takes advanced skills and expertise in the areas of copywriting, art direction and production. Advertisers are constantly creating new and innovative ways to reach the public, so the demand for skilled advertising executives is always high.


Business Administration

Combine classroom and experiential learning to develop knowledge, skills, and competencies that the market demands and to add value to your organization.

Business Technology


Computer Science

Gain an in-depth understanding of computer architecture, languages, and systems—areas vital for industry careers and research.

Criminal Justice

Prepares you for a career in the criminal justice system, which offers significant opportunities in the public sector at all levels of government as well as private sectors. Our program provides a comprehensive understanding of our multifaceted criminal justice system. Along with specific courses in criminal justice theory and application, the curriculum includes a solid, interdisciplinary liberal arts foundation.

Cyber and Information Security

Given the pervasive nature of cyber threats this program gives students an edge in the job market and the world around them.

Cyber Security Systems

As our reliance on computers increases and technology grows more sophisticated, the need for cyber security experts becomes critical to protect users and keep personal information out of the hands of hackers and cyber criminals.


Data Science

Data Science applies powerful statistical and computational techniques to large data sets in order to generate useful information, identify patterns and trends, and build predictive models. Applications of these techniques are now transforming decision-making throughout business, finance, marketing, government, healthcare, and science. The demand for professionals knowledgeable in this area is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Digital Media Design

Dramatic Arts, Film, and Television


Enterprise Regulation: Profit and Non-Profit


Fashion Industry Sustainability

Fashion Studies

Preparing you to enter the global fashion industry, focused on the business world of fashion.

Forensic Psychology


Game Development and Emerging Media


Health Services Administration

Healthcare Systems

Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Leadership


International Communication

International Studies



Liberal Arts

Liberal Studies


Military Leadership

Multi-Sector Communication


Networking Systems

The Networking Systems major is designed to provide a comprehensive education leading to such initial careers as telecommunications analyst, systems analyst, network manager, and first-line supervisor and a solid preparation for further academic and professional study in networking, computer science, and decision sciences.




Tourism Management


Video Game Development

Through this modern curriculum, students will be exposed to the creative workflows and advanced technologies that work in the development of playable media. By pushing the boundaries of storytelling genres, crafting unique interactive experiences, and engaging audiences through play, students who embark on this production track become inventive media-makers and story crafters. In keeping with the Vincentian ethos of St. John’s, students will additionally explore the ethical considerations of gameplay development. When can simulated experiences promote healthy attitudes and empathy? Conversely, when do virtual scenarios enable inappropriate behaviors and maladaptive tendencies? Students will work to discover the potential impact in cultivating a socially responsible practice in game development.