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Graduate Assistantships and Doctoral Fellowships

St. John’s School of Education offers students the opportunity to gain professional experience in their chosen field of study through assistantships and fellowships. Graduate assistants and Doctoral Fellows provide research, instructional, and administrative support to The School of Education's faculty and administration. Most spend about 15 hours per week in their assistantship or fellowship role and devote the remainder of their time to their academic pursuits. This combination of service, study, and research (when applicable) constitutes a full-time commitment. Assistantships and fellowships are competitive positions that are highly sought after. They present a rewarding opportunity for you to participate in a vibrant academic community.

Assistantships become available at the end of the current term as students holding positions complete their academic programs. A number of Graduate Assistantships and University Fellowships are granted to various academic departments within each school and college of the University. Graduate Assistantships are also available in administrative departments.


Information about Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships Tuition

Filling the Assistantship

1.    Graduate student reviews website for assistantship opportunities.
2.    Graduate student completes the Application for Graduate Assistantships/ Doctoral Fellowships.
3.    The Dean’s office reviews the applications for Graduate Assistantships and/or Doctoral Fellowships and distributes them to supervisors with open GA/Fellow positions for review.
4.    If you meet their needs you will be contacted for an interview.
5.    If you are selected you will be informed by the interviewer.
6.    HR processes the stipend payment through payroll. Financial Aid applies the scholarship to the student’s account and provides financial aid with the relevant information.

Reappointment and Duration of Appointment

Each department is responsible for determining and communicating its own specific criteria, within the limits of university policy, for assessing student qualification for appointment and reappointment to a graduate assistantship. In general, reappointment is dependent upon satisfactory performance and normal progress toward a graduate degree. As with all university faculty and staff positions, appointment and reappointment are contingent upon the availability of funds.

Performance Reviews

Each department is responsible for determining procedures for review and evaluation of Graduate Assistants/Fellowships and for informing GAs/Fellows of these procedures. The process of evaluation will vary by departments, and may include written assessment of work by an individual faculty member, classroom visitation by designated faculty members, and written student evaluations. The results of reviews and evaluations should be discussed with the GA/Fellow concerned.

Termination or Loss of Support

A Graduate Assistant/Fellowship’s appointment may be terminated before the expiration of its designated term for loss of funding, for cause, for academic delinquency, by written notice, and by voluntary mutual agreement.

For more information please contact Dr. Edwin Tjoe [email protected]