College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Screens Public Health Service Documentary with Producer

March 12, 2024

On February 20, the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (CPHS) hosted a screening of Invisible Corps, a documentary about the history and role of the Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service. The evening also featured a panel discussion that included producer Chris Schueler, distinguished public health service officials, and CPHS faculty working in public health. Nearly 100 CPHS students and faculty attended the screening.

Mr. Schueler has created over 100 television programs in the past 25 years that have garnered 26 Emmy® Awards and have been broadcast worldwide. His programs range from global warming solutions to mental health stigma and include topics such as date and domestic violence, teen pregnancy prevention, AIDS, alcohol, gambling addiction, and opioid abuse.

A select group of CPHS student leaders participated in a prescreening networking event alongside Mr. Schueler, distinguished panelists, faculty, and members of the Public Health Service Corps.

“It was exciting to host the documentary screening on campus. Our students, faculty and administrators gained valuable insights into the opportunities in the Public Health Service,” noted Anne Y. F. Lin ’84P, ’86Pharm.D., Dean.

She added, “Producer Chris Schueler moderated an inspirational panel discussion about the Public Health Service Corps. It was amazing to watch the students’ engagement with the panelists. We could not stop the conversations!”

Yolene Gousse, Dr.PH, M.P.H. ’96C, Associate Professor/Industry Professional, stressed, “The Invisible Corps screening was an enlightening experience. It highlighted the silent, yet powerful, efforts of public health champions, whose dedication to serving communities locally and aboard exemplifies the essence of altruism and compassion in public health.”

“The film shed light on the critical and invisible role of the only uniformed service of health-care workers in the world dedicated to responding to public health-care crises,” explained Tina J. Kanmaz, Pharm.D., Clinical Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice.

She added, “Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, amongst many other health-care and support personnel, dedicate their careers truly in service of health, and go where they are needed in times of crisis. Panelists highlighted shifting the focus of the corps away from ‘sick’ care toward proactive and preventative care as an essential need that ultimately depends on politics and the economy. It was inspiring and humbling to hear the amazing work these individuals do behind the scenes in service of public health.”

“The Invisible Corps screening was very interesting and informative,” Pharm.D. candidate Benyna Chan said. “I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how they are health-care professionals caring for patients in a nontraditional way. It was a pleasure hearing from the panelists about their experiences and services they’ve done for our country.”

Pharm.D. candidate Unsha Monaj said, “The Invisible Corps screening highlights the unsung public health heroes through the lens of the Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service. The panel discussion provided a deeper understanding of the crucial role of public health service. As a pharmacy student, all they do to protect the public inspired me. It was a great learning opportunity to learn more about the nontraditional roles a pharmacist can take.”