ILOTY Fellowships

Insurance Leader of the Year Fellowships (ILOTY)

Outstanding applicants to the Master of Science in the Management of Risk or the Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management are awarded prestigious Insurance Leader of the Year Fellowships (ILOTY). These fellowships include full tuition as well as travel costs associated with an elective international insurance markets course, which includes travel outside the US.

The School of Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science offers two Master of Science Degrees, an MS in the Management of Risk and an MS in Enterprise Risk Management. Both the MS in the Management of Risk and the MS in Enterprise Risk Management prepare students to pursue intellectually stimulating and rewarding careers in commercial risk management. Risk management, of which insurance is a critical part, is a fundamental basis for personal and family financial security, societal well being and economic progress.

Financial support from the insurance industry provides significant financial assistance to qualified students. Outstanding applicants are awarded prestigious ILOTY Fellowships, which fully fund tuition.

Admission is open to students regardless of one's undergraduate major. In recent years, students have held undergraduate degrees in fields as diverse as art history and economics. In addition to submitting an application to one of the School of Risk Management’s Masters of Science degree programs, you are required to submit an application to be considered for an ILOTY Fellowship.

Internships are facilitated by The Ellen Thrower Center for Apprenticeship & Career Services of the School of Risk Management. Students will ideally obtain a meaningful apprenticeship or paid internship in the New York insurance industry to complement their academic studies. Gaining industry experience outside of the classroom is a critical component of the student experience at the School of Risk Management. You may work in a one semester internship or in a multiple-semester apprenticeship. You will work closely and cooperatively with the staff of The Ellen Thrower Center to prepare for and secure a meaningful work experience.

Professional Opportunities available in the industry are varied and broad. To give just a few examples, a graduate of our school with an interest in fine arts could pursue a position in underwriting with an insurer that specializes in underwriting masterpieces for museums and private collections; an undergraduate political science major who earns a graduate degree at the School of Risk Management could pursue a career as a broker specializing in arranging coverage for political risks; an undergraduate English major could work with a team that crafts coverage agreements on unique, high-value risks such as the Chrysler Building; and a graduate, with a background in environmental studies, could find a position in the agro-business or energy practice group of an insurer.


Paul Walker, Ph.D.
Program Director, Enterprise Risk Management
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Annette Hofmann, Ph.D.
Program Director, Risk Management and Risk Analytics
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