CCPS Student Organizations

The Collins College of Professional Studies offers the following student organizations to enhance students’ participation in their fields of study. Our student organizations are focused on offering hands on experience. All students are welcome to join.

Collins College of Professional Studies Honor Society

Gaming and Emerging Technology (GET) Co-Curricular Club

The Gaming and Emerging Technology (GET) co-curricular club, is an interdisciplinary organization, led by students and faculty through shared leadership supporting both academic programming and student activities.  Gaming, game development, emerging technology and communication media are just a few of the multiple focuses. Students from disciplines such as communications, computer science, sport management, TV and film, broadcasting and streaming, and many more will be served by the club. Students will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as developing, playing and publishing games on multiple media (e.g., personal computers; mobile devices; gaming consoles; and virtual, augmented, mixed reality and extended reality [AR, VR, MR, XR] technologies). Whether students are interested in creating, developing and publishing electronic games or if they are interested in leveraging new and emerging technology in an entrepreneurial venture, we welcome all interested students.

At GET, we …

  • Get Learning
  • Get Gaming
  • Get Designing
  • Get Building
  • Get Innovating
  • Get Playing
  • Get Knowledge
  • Get Skills
  • Get Careers

Let’s Get Prepared and Go at GET!

Join our Discord:

David P. Hedlund, Ph.D.
[email protected]

Edrex Fontanilla, M.F.A.
[email protected]



WRED-TV is a co-curriculum, student-run organization that further develops the techniques learned in the classroom environment and enhances the hands-on experience to all students with an interest in the television production process.  Students have the opportunity to collaborate with a team of creative, passionate and aspiring professionals and contribute to the various stages of creating a television show - from writing, to producing, to creating video packages, operating the studio equipment and post-production.  WRED-TV plays an integral role in helping its members prepare for a career in media production.  WRED-TV utilizes the CCPS Television Studio located on the 4th Floor of Marillac Hall twice a week. They also hold weekly studio training sessions and workshops for their members.  As an institution of St. John’s for almost 50 years, WRED-TV has an expansive network of alumni working in the professional television industry who continue to give back to the organization where their careers had started.  Whether you’re a budding creative, an aspiring actor, an ambitious journalist, or just like to play with expensive equipment, there is a home for you in our WRED-TV family. 

Richard Martinez
[email protected]

The Society for Film and Visual Arts

The Society for Film and Visual Arts is a co-curricular, student-run organization for students interested in film, theatre and the visual arts (photography, graphic design, and visual communications). SFVA offers a vibrant and creative community for young artists to come together to work collaboratively in creating original students’ films, one-act plays, and works in the visual arts. It also provides a space for members to engage one another in critical discussions of these media, as well as learn the technical and practical skills of production and post-production. SFVA holds weekly meetings for its members to discuss the plans for the coming academic year, as well as screenings, field trips and sponsored events.

Richard “Rex” Thomas
[email protected]

WSJU Radio

WSJU Radio is the student radio voice of St. John’s University. From its state of the art studios on the 4th floor of Marillac Hall, this co-curricular, student-run organization broadcasts to the campus community, and the world, music, sports, and news of import to its listeners. In addition to on-air broadcasting, WSJU Radio offers its members board training, station management experience, and facilities time for audio production, as well as providing deejay services for campus organizations. Any undergraduate student in any major at St. John’s is welcome to join and become active in WSJU Radio, whether or not he or she wants to go into a radio career -- though there are many WSJU alumni currently at work in music, sports, and news radio across the New York metropolitan area.

Barry Sherman
[email protected]