Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony

White Coat Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony is a symbolic rite of passage for students of the healing arts. For the pharmacy student, it signifies the professional relationship with other colleagues who provide healthcare services.

This ceremony reaffirms the academic community’s support of the educational process that prepares future health providers for practice. On this day, students pledge their commitment to the profession of pharmacy and the health of the patients they serve.

Contributing to the care and healing of others is a privilege and a responsibility. The white coat worn by each pharmacy student is more than a familiar lab coat: it is a cloak of caring, compassion, and service.

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    Pledge of Professionalism

    As a student of pharmacy, I believe there is a need to build and reinforce a professional identity founded on integrity, ethical behavior, and honor. This development, a vital process in my education, will help ensure that I am true to the professional relationship I establish between myself and society as I become a member of the pharmacy community. Integrity must be an essential part of my everyday life and I must practice pharmacy with honesty and commitment to service.

    To accomplish this goal of professional development, I as a student of pharmacy should

    DEVELOP a sense of loyalty and duty to the profession of pharmacy by being a builder of community, one able and willing to contribute to the well-being of others, and one who enthusiastically accepts the responsibility and accountability for membership in the profession.

    FOSTER professional competency through lifelong learning. I must strive for high ideals, teamwork, and unity within the profession in order to provide optimal patient care.

    SUPPORT my colleagues by actively encouraging personal commitment to the Oath of Maimonides and a Code of Ethics as set forth by the profession.

    INCORPORATE into my life and practice, dedication to excellence. This will require an ongoing reassessment of personal and professional values.

    MAINTAIN the highest ideals and professional attributes to ensure and facilitate the covenantal relationship required of the pharmaceutical caregiver.

    The profession of pharmacy is one that demands adherence to a set of rigid ethical standards. These high ideals are necessary to ensure the quality of care extended to the patients I serve. As a student of pharmacy, I believe this does not start with graduation; rather, it begins with my membership in this professional college community. Therefore, I must strive to uphold these standards as I advance toward full membership in the profession of pharmacy.

    Developed by the American Pharmaceutical Association Academy of Students of Pharmacy/American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Council of Deans (APhA-ASP/AACP-COD) Task Force on Professionalism on June 26, 1994.


    The faculty, administrators, and staff of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences wish to extend our congratulations to the Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2026. 

    Justin Abraham

    Sayad Abrahim

    Enjelique Adams

    Salma Ahmed

    Waseq Ahmed

    Raisa Akand

    Alissa Akselrod

    Victoria Akselrod

    Michael Alaev

    Anthony Alimonos

    Jack Alexandrou

    Easha Amin

    Ramesa Anan

    Sameeha Arshad

    Maha Ashraf

    Laila Asif

    Rand Ayoub

    Sharupa Azmal

    Mohanna Barrie

    Dillon Beetz

    Mazal Borukhova

    Laiel Bravo

    Luigi Broccoli

    Cristian Castaneda

    Arslan Chaudhry

    Yvonne Chen

    Sairah Cherian

    Donia Choudhry

    Jamila Chowdhury

    Nower Chowdhury

    Sumaiya Chowdhury

    Reian Daniels

    Michelle Daza

    Joseph DiGiovanna Jr.

    Imani Elie

    Kayla Esprit

    Anisa Farrin

    Abanoub Fawzy

    Isabel Gendin

    Aditi Ghosh

    Richard Giannoti

    Angel Gomez

    Nuzhat Haider

    Parsha Haq

    Sharmin Haque

    Asmaa Hassanin

    Wendy He

    Sakib Hereb

    Julia Hong

    Juliana Hroncic

    Oniva Husain

    Tasnim Ibnat

    Mubashir Iftikhar

    Ayesha Imtiaz

    Rebecca Inoyatov

    Aleena Jacob

    Hajra Kamal

    Simranjot Kaur

    Derek Kim

    Haden Kim

    Alana Knox

    Vasili Koutouratsas

    Ashley Kumar

    Stefy Kuriakose

    Yuky Lam

    Esther Lee

    Jenna Lee

    Sheri Leung

    Christine Li

    Jin Ping Lian

    Jasmine Liang

    Karen Liu

    Gabriella Lugo

    Alice Mahir

    Nabil Mahmud

    Manuel Martis

    Zainab Masood

    Maimuna Maula

    Givon McLean

    Ashraf Mekaiel

    George Melissinos

    Huda Memon

    Bernilton Mercier

    Tristin Mezheritsky

    Kalimullah Mohmend

    Savannah Mossen

    Marco Nashed

    Eric Nguyen

    Obinna Njeze

    Andrew Nunez

    Abtahi Oni

    Christian Ortiz

    Osaretin Otagho

    Joshua Pappachen

    Shiv Patel

    Britney Phung

    Christopher Piacquadio

    Annalise Pica

    Matthew Pickow

    Christiana Popovic

    Kiara Puca

    Alyssa Ram

    Melissa Ramkissoon

    Hernoor Ranu

    Kaleigh Rissland

    Rehna Roshin

    John Rozario

    Stella Ruan

    Christina Ruoff

    Michelle Sabetfard

    Daaniel Salian

    Tatiana Sanabria

    Armina Caitlyn Sarin

    Coralie Sauval

    Sophia Savvides

    Brianna Sciarrino

    Aleya Sharif

    Jeffrey Shi

    Harkirat Singh

    Prabhpreet Singh

    Fatou Sohna

    Tally Soleimani

    Brian Spica

    Katherine Stewart

    Erika Strachan

    Patrick Svoboda

    Rianna Tharay

    Donna Thomas

    Teresa Tran

    Brianna Trinh

    Klaudia Truskolaska

    Angel Wang

    Caroline Weng

    Nicole Wilsant

    Elaine Xu

    Nalisha Xu

    Nicole Yaghdjian

    Jungmin Yeo

    Kelly Yeung

    Ariella Zadrima

    Eric Zheng

    Tina Zheng